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How the upcoming 5g will compare with the previous four generations, and the relationship between nb-iot and 5g

World Health:With the rapid economic development of domestic mobile network communication 5g and nb iotinformation technology, 5G technology is also coming, however, there a...

Jul 12,2022 | Wendy

 5g and nb iot

With the rapid economic development of domestic mobile network communication 5g and nb iotinformation technology, 5G technology is also coming, however, there are many friends still do not know what the relationship between 5G technology and NB-IOT is, and what NB-IOT is a professional technology? Today so we will discuss and analyze in detail!

5G Technology

What is NB-IOT?

NB-IOT is an important branch of cellular-based narrowband Internet of Things (IOT) that has developed into the world's Internet of Everything information network. IOT is a research emerging industrial technology in the field of Internet of Things (IOT), which can provide support system low-power devices in the wide area network of cellular structure data as a connection, also known as low-power wide area network, with significantly longer standby time, support a high level of network security connection requirements related to the efficient connection of devices.


What are the advantages of NB-IOT

Low power consumption: Low power consumption is an important metric for iot applications, especially for devices that do not replace batteries for long periods of time, such as sensor monitoring devices in remote mountainous areas with harsh natural environments, which cannot be charged daily like cell phones and therefore require years of battery life technology. Therefore, nb-iot focuses on small data applications and small data volume, so the power consumption of nb-iot devices is very low.

Low cost:NB-IOT does not need to modify the network, and the antenna and RF are basically common. Take domestic mobile as an example: 900MHZ has a relatively wide frequency band. Only a part of the 2G band needs to be invited out, and it can be directly deployed on NB-IOT and LTE at the same time. Low power consumption, low speed and low bandwidth can also bring low-cost advantages to NB-IOT chips and modules.

Strong link: NB-IOT can access 50-100 times more accesses than existing research wireless communication technologies in the case of the same system base station. A boot sector data can be supported by supporting 100,000 connections, while the society supports low latency sensitivity, low equipment to carry out power consumption, very low equipment management cost, and optimized network economic structure.

4. High coverage: Nb-IOT indoor coverage is much stronger, and the 20dB gain increase is equivalent to 100 times higher coverage area capacity compared to LTE. The biggest advantage is that it can not only meet the demand for extensive coverage in rural areas, but also suitable for applications requiring deep and large areas, such as underground garages, tunnels, manhole covers and manufacturing areas.

5G Technology Introduction

5g technology refers to the fifth generation of mobile communication technology. Unlike previous generations, 5g is not a single wireless technology, but a convergence of existing wireless communication technologies.

The key technologies of 5G are introduced in detail below.

New multi-antenna for technology: With the rapid economic development of wireless data communication in China, the demand for data traffic is increasing, while the available spectrum resource management is a limited one. Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen the problem of spectrum utilization efficiency, and multi-antenna technology is an effective teaching means that can improve the spectrum efficiency and network security reliability, which has been widely used in various national aspects of wireless communication engineering field, and also can ensure the spectrum efficiency and reliability of transmission.

The previous wireless communication technology cannot realize the two-way communication of the same frequency at the same time due to its limitation, which has caused the waste of resources to some extent. Full-duplex synchronous frequency technology can make the upstream and downstream use the same frequency resources for two-way communication at the same time, theoretically full-duplex synchronous frequency technology can make the resource utilization rate more than double.

Use of high frequency band: For mobile communication system, the frequency band below 3GHz can support mobility well with wide coverage, but at present, the spectrum resources below 3GHz are very tight, and the spectrum resources above 3GHz are very abundant, if the spectrum resources above 3GHz can be used effectively, it will greatly alleviate the problem of spectrum resources, therefore, 5g technology in high frequency band can effectively The use of spectrum resources above 3GHz, and the use of high frequency band will become the future development trend.

Direct communication network between devices:The existing wireless communication technology is mainly centered on the base station, which has certain limitations, such as the coverage and capacity of the system. Although multipoint collaboration technology and relay technology can improve the coverage performance of the cell and increase the throughput of users at the edge of the cell, the location of base stations and relay nodes is fixed, so the network structure and services they bring are not flexible enough, so there is still much room for improvement in the coverage of user groups. In contrast, direct device communication technology allows adjacent terminals to transmit data over short distances via direct links without the need for intermediate nodes. Its main advantages are: high data rate, effective use of spectrum resources, low latency and low power consumption, flexible data services, use of a large number of widely distributed communication terminals in the network, and expansion of network coverage.

Self-organizing network: traditional wireless communication system network, network environment configuration, deployment, operation and maintenance, etc. need to be better accomplished through artificial intelligence, not only occupies a large number of human resources, and an overall efficiency is also very low, and can be with the rapid economic development of domestic mobile communications, just rely on human maintenance will be more efforts to achieve good network structure optimization of students. In order to solve these social problems of our own, but also to constantly reduce the cost of operators invested in operations and maintenance. So the design and teaching idea of self-organizing network is to introduce self-organizing ability in the network, including liberalization, self-healing, self-configuration and so on, so as to achieve the planning, maintenance, deployment, optimization and troubleshooting of information network and other important aspects of automatic control to carry out, the maximum possible automation to reduce human intervention.

What is the connection between 5G and NB-IOT

I'm sure most of you think of 5G as just an upgrade to a faster network. However, 5g is more than that. It is the solid foundation on which everything is interconnected and is the precursor and foundation for the commercialization of 5G mobile communication technology. If we are going to make a big push for 5g, we must first develop nb-iot. if 5g is to become fully pervasive, infrastructure such as nb-iot must be significantly improved, then all the evolution of nb-iot is even more important, such as continuous mobility, support for multicast, new power levels, etc.

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