How can an organization secure the data of outgoing documents?

With the changes in digitization, most of the business documents of an organization circulate in electronic form both internally and externally.convert scanned ...

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With the changes in digitization, most of the business documents of an organization circulate in electronic form both internally and externally.convert scanned pdf to word online free large files This increases the risk of data leakage or tampering with outgoing documents. How to secure outgoing documents has become an issue that cannot be ignored.

There are certain data security risks associated with documents sent by organizations, especially electronic documents:.

Documents are accessed without authorization: electronic technical documents that enterprises can send to external contacts are not encrypted or digitally signed, and may we accessed by hackers or unauthorized staff through in the transmission or storage process, leaking sensitive product information.

Documents are tampered with: Documents that are not digitally signed are susceptible to content tampering by intermediaries, which may mislead business decisions or create legal disputes if the recipient fails to detect it.

Documents not handled according to classification: Documents containing highly confidential data are not properly classified and protected, and data security requirements are not met during outbound distribution, leading to data leakage.

Documents are not ensured to be deleted completely:Documents are not completely deleted from the sender's and recipient's mail systems and computers in a timely manner after use and are subject to recovery, which can also result in the risk of data leakage.

There are viruses or malicious codes in the files: office files, PDF files, etc. may carry viruses and Trojans, which may infect the recipient. may carry virus Trojans and infect the recipient's system, which is also a risk.

Third-party access to documents:Documents sent by an enterprise to a third party, whose data environmental protection management measures may be inadequate, are highly susceptible to leakage or malicious access within the third-party company. This can also be a risk to the cybersecurity of an organization's financial data.

Document or Account Phishing: Hackers use company logos and names to send phishing emails disguised as company documents or emails to external contacts, which can also easily lead to theft or corruption of company data.

To reduce the data security risk of outgoing documents, companies need to establish a document exit management system, use encryption, digital signatures, and other technologies to strictly protect sensitive documents, regularly audit third-party data protection measures, and provide ongoing security awareness training for employees. Effectively standardize the operational process of data classification and outgoing document management, which is the basis for risk reduction.

And in this regard, enterprises should also take some professional office security solutions to protect the data security of external documents I. In terms of enterprise document security protection, digital office space has a comprehensive protection system covering before, during and after the event, which can effectively protect the data security of the enterprise's core documents.

1. Active protection beforehand

In the daily work of the enterprise, there will be a variety of documents, a considerable number of documents, such as new product information, customer information, financial statements, contracts and so on. Most of these documents are "scattered" in various enterprise terminals. Even though some documents can only be accessed on the business system, almost all employees can access them without fine-grained access control. Some core data is often copied and transferred directly from business systems to various platforms, such as cloud storage, cloud notes, open communities, etc., in non-file form.

Enterprises can create a unified office cyberspace through the digital shadow - belonging to the office environment space through their own digital shadow, office technology applications, account permissions and other effective unified relationship management, so that employees' access to the business operating system can realize the security closure. At the same time, through the digital shadow, can be configured to control permissions, download control, copy and paste control, document desensitization, document watermarking, anti-screenshot/photo, screen recording audit and other fine-grained security education strategies, all-round to prevent the leakage of the core document data of the corporate culture.

2. Comprehensive control during the incident

When an employee works in a digital office and tries to download and export data, the file will not be downloaded to the employee's computer, but directly to the Digital Security File Center (stored on OSS), which controls the flow of the file at a fine-grained level in order to realize that the data will not be left behind.

However, this does not affect staff productivity. The number of shadow files is edited at an intermediate stage for file processing through Online File Capacity (Office) and then uploaded directly from the number of shadow files stage to the designated business system (controlled by the administrator).

In addition, when there is a need to process documents sent to customers and partners, the approval process can be initiated for some documents on the table, and after adoption, the documents are sent directly to the designated customer mailboxes via corporate mailboxes. Throughout the process, these documents are closed loop online.

And the third party related to the outgoing documents of the enterprise can not directly access the business system data of the enterprise because of the authority control of the digital shadow, and can only access the business system data specified by the enterprise, which prevents the third party from leaking the important data of the enterprise.

3.Afterwards, there is evidence for investigation

Because of the unique log audit quality security issues within the digital shadow office space ability to internal audit, back to the employee's access to the way of behavior, to help improve the enterprise can circumvent the security responsibility in the unexpected event.

All employee access is recorded and saved in a digital image, the granularity can be as detailed as "who, at what time, on which computer, where, with which account, logging in to which system, accessing which page, and doing what". For particularly sensitive access behavior, you can also automatically open the recording screen for audit, access process recorded in real time for subsequent audit, review.

In short, in order to fully protect the security of outgoing documents, companies must develop a strict data exit management policy, select high-intensity technical means to protect documents, strengthen third-party management, regular employee security training. Of course, this also requires the full cooperation of all positions in the enterprise to establish a systematic and perfect outgoing document protection system. Through a full range of management processes and technical control measures to minimize the security risks of outgoing documents in circulation and storage.

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