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Four major technologies to supportWhat kind of technology is cloud computing?Through high-speed networks, cloud computing connects a large number of independent...

Aug 03,2023 | Cassandra

Four major technologies to supportOver the years, China has attached great importance to the development of a new generation of information industry. In fact, cloud computing is not a brand new concept. The history of its development can be traced back to the formal introduction of virtualization technology in 1956. Currently, cloud computing is transforming from a new to a regular industry and is deeply integrated with traditional industries. According to the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the global cloud computing market is growing steadily, with an average growth rate of about 20% in the next few years. It is expected that by 2022,Bentley ProjectWise the size of the global market will exceed 270 billion dollars, and the size of China's cloud computing market will reach 173.1 billion yuan.

Four major technologies to support

What kind of technology is cloud computing?

Through high-speed networks, cloud computing connects a large number of independent computing units to provide scalable high-performance computing capabilities. Its main features are: resource virtualization, on-demand services,Bentley BIM ubiquitous access, scalable deployment, and billable usage.

Simply put, the user's computing needs do not need to be realized on the local computer, but only need to be handed over to the "cloud platform" can be, the cloud platform will be a huge data decomposition into countless small tasks, distributed to a number of servers, and finally summarize the results of the calculations back to the user. For example, you don't have to build a boat, weave a net, go to sea or make fish. You just need to place an order with a restaurant, which will serve the food on time and serve many customers at the same time. The number of users is growing, the programs are becoming more complex, and the demand for computing power and security is increasing.BIM Viewer Driven by the growing demand, cloud computing technology has been upgraded and its application has become more and more popular.

Cloud computing mainly consists of four main functional areas: data access and processing, resource management and distribution and sharing, system network security and social security, and flexible application of services. These four functional areas are supported by four major technologies: data research center technology, software definition technology, cloud security and education technology, and mobile cloud computing science and technology.

The data center is mainly a hardware device, responsible for the organization, processing, storage, and transmission of data. According to the user's role in the data center, it can be divided into three types: platform provider, service provider and end user. Platform providers provide hardware and software infrastructure for data centers; service providers provide applications such as websites and mobile applications; end-users are the main objects of data center services, and users of our common social communication software such as WeChat and Weibo are end-users.

The core of software-defined technology is "resource virtualization" and "functional programmability", the main task is to "assign work" to the hardware, responsible for the organization, coordination and overall planning. This is like having a good performance server, through resource virtualization to achieve "split", to take on the work of several servers, so as to ensure the basic needs of cloud computing. Through these technologies, software definition can support unlimited expansion of computing resource pools, solve the problem of uneven distribution of storage, and improve the network throughput of the cloud platform.

Is there a risk of leakage if data is left to cloud computing? The more popular cloud computing becomes, the more pressing the issue of information security becomes. The key to information security is encryption and privacy protection. The key to network security is protection from unauthorized access and malicious code. Specifically, cloud security techniques generally include data security, access control and authentication, sharing technology issues, system security vulnerabilities, and insider threats. Due to the complexity and variability of cloud security, cloud service providers should take on more security responsibilities and promote the construction and improvement of the cloud computing security ecosystem.

In these 10 years, I believe we all have a common feeling:Mobile phones are getting smarter and more ubiquitous. A lot of office and entertainment activities that could only be carried out on computers and TVs before can now be completed through cell phones, and some functions are more comfortable on cell phones. One of the important technical supports behind this is mobile cloud technology. In the four pillars of cloud computing technology, this technology is the closest to the ordinary people: it will cloud computing computing and storage advantages applied to the mobile terminal, thus breaking through the resource constraints of the mobile terminal, enhance the user experience.

Continuous upgrading more "good to use"

With the rapid economic development of China's Internet enterprises, the number of users continue to increase, business data types are endless. During this period, like "double 11" shopping festival such a difficult to get an accurate prediction of the business load and technology market demand of the typical situation occurs from time to time, on the existing cloud computing science and technology education system does not form a challenge. In the era of Internet of everything, how to provide users with more flexible and convenient information system services? How to provide simpler, customizable, manageable technical research architecture for the service bearer? New problems, new needs emerge in an endless stream, all of which are driving the iteration of cloud computing-related technologies.

Over the years, what "new skills" has cloud computing mastered? The technological frontiers of cloud computing mainly include hybrid cloud technology, hyper-convergence technology, edge computing technology and so on.

Hyper-converged technology is developed to solve the problem of mismatch between the capacity, performance and computing power of traditional storage devices. Hyper-converged architecture means that the same unit of equipment not only has computing resources and technologies such as computing, networking, and storage, but also includes storage-related technologies such as cache acceleration, deduplication, and online data compression. In layman's terms, before the construction of a data center need to buy a batch of servers, a batch of switches, a batch of storage and related software, and now only need to buy a batch of isomorphic hyper-converged all-in-one machine: through the network can realize modular and seamless horizontal expansion, forming a unified resource pool.

Edge computing, as a new computing model, helps to solve the problems of insufficient center capacity, long network latency, high transmission energy consumption, and poor privacy protection. Two real-world examples: video conferencing and cloud storage, which we use frequently, are products of edge computing. Today, video conferencing is the standard for many. Voice delays, poor video quality, and screen-sharing freezes are not uncommon in video conferencing. Widely used cloud storage, such as Baidu Cloud Storage, can sometimes be slow or inaccessible. Edge computing technology can effectively alleviate these problems.

Widely grounded in applications

The technical value of cloud computing can only be realized if it is applied well. At present, cloud computing is being deeply integrated into our daily work and life through the information industry market. Government cloud, financial cloud, industrial Internet, industrial cloud not only brings us great convenience, but also injects vitality into China's economic development.

E-government cloud is led by relevant government departments and implemented by professional education informatization development enterprises through implementation. E-government cloud uses cloud computing science and technology to streamline, optimize, and integrate the management and service personnel of government e-government systems, while providing government regulators with cloud services that can provide theoretical infrastructure, support software, applied research services, information society resources, operational security, and information security.

While ensuring information security, compliance and data segregation of financial institutions, it also provides strong support for financial enterprises to cope with unexpected business needs, rapidly deploy business and implement business innovation and reform. We often use payment tools in our lives, such as Alipay and WeChat Pay, which is a typical financial cloud service.

Industrial cloud provides flexible and shareable resources to manufacturing enterprises through the network, provides high-quality, timely and low-cost services according to user needs, and realizes high-quality and efficient docking between manufacturing needs and socialized manufacturing resources. Industrial cloud can also provide cloud host rental services and intelligent office systems for small and medium-sized enterprises that are difficult to develop on their own. Compared with traditional cloud computing, industrial cloud can promote the sharing of industrial resources and business capabilities and supply and demand docking, and provide application services for R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing services, management and other manufacturing areas.

Today, cloud computing has become an important industry related to national economy and people's livelihood, in the form of a variety of applications into the homes of ordinary people. It is foreseeable that with the gradual deepening of the process of planning the "new infrastructure", the digital technology industry represented by cloud computing has great potential for development and will become one of the focuses of China's transformation of the mode of economic development and the realization of the high-quality development of the digital economy.

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