Do you know why embedded is so popular?

Why is the embedded industry so hot today? Are there any benefits for us to engage inembedded module embedded software development? Let s talk about my view on ...

Jul 18,2022 | Joan

embedded module

Why is the embedded industry so hot today? Are there any benefits for us to engage inembedded module embedded software development? Let's talk about my view on Bian Xiao. We can look at the advantages of embedded software development from several aspects:

At present, the study of domestic and foreign for this area are very scarce

On the one hand, this is because the threshold to enter the field is high, and not only need to understand the low-level software (for example, operating system-level software, driver-level software), software at a high level of expertise (embedded systems require high time and space efficiency of software design), but also must understand the workings of the hardware (recommended: training for network engineers). Therefore, it is difficult for non-professional IT personnel to enter this field.

On the other hand, because this field is relatively new and developing too fast, many hardware and software technologies appear for a short time or are emerging (such as ARM processor, embedded operating system, mpeg technology, wireless communication protocols, etc.), those who master these new technologies are definitely looking for (embedded technology training: arm development training, fpga training, dsp training, etc.). Embedded talent is scarce, the value is naturally high, the more experience, the higher the price. In fact, embedded talents are scarce, and the root cause may be that most people have unconditional access, which requires corresponding embedded development boards and software, and experienced people are needed to guide the development process.

Unlike applications such as enterprise computing, people in the embedded field usually work less intensely, but the specific income is not low.

IT companies engaged in enterprise development application analysis software, this target user's system is finished, and have to go to the next user's, and each of our network user's needs and work to complete the learning time issues have to be changed according to customer management requirements can be, often tired of running, repeat labor. In contrast, companies engaged in embedded control systems, have to improve their own product production plans, according to their own pace. The product design developed is usually generic and will not be modified by the differences of customers. After a cultural product model is developed, there is often a longer period of free time (or just some minor tinkering with software aspects), time to recharge and recuperate from research.

In addition, the scope of work of each person engaged in embedded software is relatively narrow, the range of expertise involved are those (ARM, RTOS, MPEG, 802.11, etc.), the longer these things, selling old books, a few words of guidance is enough for beginners to think about half a year. In the case of application software, the next customer may have to change to a completely different software development platform, which is more difficult. If you want to enter the embedded development industry, the recommended training courses are: embedded Linux development training, embedded WinCE development training, linux network program development, embedded development and application training.

Of course, if we engage in embedded development, which is not exactly an advantage, there will also be disadvantages, but is a disadvantage:

(1) the entry point is high, the technology used is often difficult, if the hardware and software foundation is not good, especially the operating system level software skills are not deep, it may not be suitable for this line.

(2) the impact of this area of the number of employees of enterprises to be far less than the number of enterprises to carry out computing class enterprises. Especially for the number of small enterprises engaged in embedded (small enterprises to engage in their own product innovation and entrepreneurship), less well-known large companies these technology companies are accustomed to thinking teaching way is to electronics, communications and other partial hard professional looking for people. As our institute's previous graduates to enterprises through the calculation method, so our institute has relatively little contact with these corporate culture. Our institute is actively learning efforts, currently our country has established social ties with an important part of these listed companies, and strive to have our students to these are enterprises in the future internship or employment.

(3) There are a few companies that often require people with a master's degree or higher for embedding, mainly based on the difficulty of embedding. However, most companies do not need this as long as they have experience.

In general, the emphasis on embedded software, especially in embedded operating systems, should be our strong point. For embedded software people, the most important skills are obvious (I don't know if you've seen many company job ads saying this) :

(1) master the structure and principles of mainstream embedded microprocessors.

(2) must master students an embedded operation management system

(3) familiar with embedded software development process, participated in at least one embedded software project.

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