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9 cutting-edge wax seal stamp wedding

WAX SEAL INVENTORY LOG BOOK: Gathering Notebooks | Catalog and Arrange your Emblem Collection: Type, Grade, Price, and Description | Collectors Gifts - Paperba...

Mar 22,2024 | SARAH

WAX SEAL INVENTORY LOG BOOK: Gathering Notebooks | Catalog and Arrange your Emblem Collection: Type, Grade, Price, and Description | Collectors' Gifts - Paperback -

Journal for collecting wax seal inventory.

Make a list and arrange your collection of emblems: Specification, Style (conventional, Contemporary, Candle-Style Stick with a Wick, Stick, Glue Gun Stick, Granule), Level of Quality, Cost... presents for collectorsMeasurements: 20 cm by 26 cm / 8" x 10"High-quality paper with a white background, 100 pages.

50 pieces of wax seal stickers that stick themselves The first Alphabet Wax Seal Decals Envelope seal stickers for wedding invitations that don't require a seal stamp (red, C)

Contents of the package: 50 pieces of wax seal stickers will be provided to suit your different decorating requirements.

Each sticker features a different alphabet, and you may add your initial to the wax seal sticker to make the invitations and envelopes uniquely yours.

High-quality compound lacquer wax used to make this premium material is dependable, long-lasting, waterproof, and abrasion-resistant, keeping your invitations and envelopes sealed and safe.

Style: Elegant: The red letter on each 3cm/1.18inch wax seal sticker gives an air of nostalgia to a variety of envelopes and invites.

The hassle of utilizing conventional wax seals is eliminated thanks to their raised edges and realistic appearance.

Our wax seal sticker features a self-adhesive design that is simple to use and helps you save time and effort.

Simply remove and adhere to the envelope or invitation.

Bid farewell to mess with no need for wax or seal stamps.

Wide Range of Uses: Wedding invitations, envelopes, cards, and other materials are ideal for our vintage wax seal stickers.

Elegant and sophisticated crafts like as postcards and gift wrapping can be embellished with them.

Viking Rune Sealing Wax Stamp with a Tree of Life Design, 30 mm Sealing Stamp Head for Letter Sealing and Sealing Wedding Envelopes Handmade Custom Gift Wrapping

【Tree of Life】 Entire cosmos symbolized by the "wood of life" growing in the sky.

It stands for youth, rebirth, wisdom, romance, dreams, and emotions.

The Celtic Tree is a type of knowledge tree that links heaven and the underworld.

It embodies the oneness between man and nature and possesses divine power.

【Material】Antique Brass Head: Brass seal with a wooden handle made of pear wood that can be removed to replace multiple seal heads.

Gift idea 【Wide of Use Letters to classmates, invites, decorations-needed things, yearly rites of passage, Halloween, Easter envelopes, and so forth.

〔Size and Contents】30-mm (1.18-inch) stamp diameter with a 2.95-inch handle Length total: 3.54 inches, including 1 stamp and 1 handle.

MDLG Elegantly Beautiful Bee Sealing Wax Seal Stamp Rose Gold Metal Peacock Handle Set Vintage Custom Picture Logo Monogram Wedding Invitations Wax Sealing Stamp

Price: $8.99

Bee flying wax stamp with a beehive Peacock Stamp Handle in Rose Gold Metal Handle length: 10cm/4.0in; Diameter: 30mm/1.2in It looks fantastic when used for gifts, wedding invites, or other occasions!

Send us your unique artwork, and we'll turn it into a personalized wax seal stamp!

:) By selecting the "DIY Decorations" store name up above, you can get in touch with us.


mookaitedecor Obsidian Mushroom Crystal Handle with Four Wax Seal Stamps Heads for Wedding Envelopes Invitation Decoration (Reindeer, Tree of Life, Miss You, and Rose)

Crystal Seal Stamp Set: The ergonomically designed wax seal stamp set comes with one black obsidian handle in the shape of a mushroom stalk and four brass seal heads (pattern: Tree of Life+Miss You+Rose+Reindeer).

Cleaning and using polished stone is simple.

They are useful, and producing a crisp image just requires little effort.

You can select from a variety of patterns.

Specifications of Size:(approx): Stamp dimensions: 1.18 inches in width, 0.6 inches in height, and 0.3 inches in hole; Crystal Handle dimensions: 1.4–1.7 inches in length and 1.2–1.4 inches in breadth; Screw length: 0.28 inches; Weight: 1 crystal handle and 4 crafted wax stamps (not sealing wax included) are included in the bundle.

Handle weights 40–60 grams each piece; Brass stamp weights 34–40 grams per piece.

The wax seal is a perfect gift for anyone who is interested in wax seals because it comes with a pouch to store the seal in and is presented in a gift box.

Broad Uses: Perfect for embellishing envelopes, invites to weddings and parties, wine or cosmetic packaging, gift boxes, and more.

No need to worry about privacy leaks when doing do-it-yourself projects or sealing crucial documents.

You can flexibly match various themes with the various patterns of the wax seal stamp head.

Inspiration for Décor: The beautiful and vibrant patterns will add a delicate touch to your letter or invitation; they're ideal for adding flair to gift packaging and bottle decorations.

This delightful seal, which is a lovely symbol of witnessing love, lends a classic and sophisticated touch to your wedding or anniversary invitations.

Original Crystal Presents: It's the ideal present for wax seal enthusiasts and may be used as a thoughtful present for friends, family, coworkers, and kids.

With these exquisite wax seals, your handwritten letters, cards, and gifts will have an air of elegance.

Allow this unique Wax Seal Stamp design to become a unique selling point.

Wax Seal Copper Head Sealing Wax Stamp Wax Stamp Seal Antique Stamps COHEALI 2 Pieces Customized Wax Seal Stamp Wedding Postcard Stamps made from Beeswax Melt Wax Stamp Head Stamps made of ink Make your own 3D impression.

The golden wax seal stamp head is a reusable, smooth, lustrous, colorfast, anti-rust, and copper-based material with a clear imprint.

An excellent craftsmanship ensures the usefulness and longevity of the sealing stamp set.

You're worthy of owning one.

The wax crest seal stamp is a popular choice for wedding invitations, stationery, upscale crafts, gifts, packaging, and other applications.

Because our products are expertly crafted and provide a delicate touch to your craft, you will enjoy using our beeswax melts.

Wax stamp seal: The wax stamp head seal featuring the bee pattern is sophisticated and multifaceted, sure to leave an impression on everyone.

Use with assurance.

European Style Embossed mat Wood Personalized Wax Seal Stamp Vintage Metal Stamp Wax Seal Stamp Heads Wax Seal Seal Wedding Wax Seal Stamp

Price: $7.81

Sealing wax wedding invites are ideal for any celebration event, including birthday parties, weddings, and Christmas.

The box offers good protection, a wonderful sealing effect, and portability with its vintage metal stamp and wax seal stamp.

High-quality, long-lasting materials are used to make sealing wax.

lightweight and portable, making it simple to take and carry.

Letter wax seal stamp kit with vintage initial letters alphabet sealing wax stamps.

Ideal for DIY projects, wine packaging, gift wrapping, invitations, envelopes, and thank-you cards.

Greeting cards, gift packages, wedding invitations, envelopes, throwback letters, and more can all be sealed with an alphabet seal stamp made of wax.

Three pieces of wax seal sealing stamps with an alphabet design Customized Wedding Letter Supply with Wax Seal and Elegant Envelopes for Cash, Vintage Scrapbook, and Traditional Copper South Korea

Price: $12.29

This sealing wax stick is used to embellish and seal envelopes, greeting cards, and other stationery, including wedding invitations.

Use a sealing stamp on envelopes, cards for wine bags, invitations, essential documents, glass, plastic, and more.

Stamps made of wax are perfect for DIY crafts, wine bottles, invitations, letters, thank-you notes, and wrapping paper.

Gifts for lovers, friends, and family that are romantic include wax stamp seals for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays, and Thanksgiving.

Stamp accessories are easy to melt and dry rapidly, making printing simple and breaking resistant.

Elegant Bronze Metal Peacock Decorative Wedding Invitations, Gift Cards, Paper Stationary, Envelope Seals, Custom Logo Picture Monogram Wax Seal Sealing Stamp Set, Vintage Eagle Bird Wax Seal Stamp

Price: $9.99
wax seal stamp designs

Stamp Symble: Decorative Eagle Bird Art.

You can use it for wedding invites, correspondence, and other events.

It's fairly awesome!

Package Contents: 1 × Wax Seal Stamp (Peacock Metal Handle & Head), Ideal as unique presents for friends or simply for collecting!

Send us a message if you would like a wood handle or in any other color except bronze.

Seal Diameter: 25 mm or 30 mm, based on the design.

An extra cost can apply if you'd want other sizes.

:) We are able to create unique wax seal rings, embossers, and stamps!

To have your ideas turned into stamps, rings, or embossers, simply submit them to us!


10 bang-for-your-buck library stamp personalized

9 editor's choice wax seal beads in 2024

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