How to improve the "operations management" of manufacturing companies

World Health:What is operations management? Operations management is about managing the operations of your business, and ultimately, it s about managing the indicators of yo...

Jul 20,2022 | Andrea

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What is operations management? Operations management is about managing the operations of your business, and ultimately, it's about managing the indicators of your business operations, such as safety, quality, delivery, cost, and employee morale (i.e. Qcdms). If you do a better job of these metrics, your business will be healthier. Typically, antminer s19 priceoperations management consists of the above management modules, including production, engineering, quality, equipment, supply chain, and continuous improvement.

Second, the important role of operations management for a company, especially a manufacturing company, the good or bad condition of his operation will directly affect the results of business operations, operations management plays a decisive role in these aspects.

Costs because we can know that the level of business development operational capacity and how, directly determines the operating costs of a Chinese enterprise. According to the profit formula: profit = selling price - cost

We know that the selling price is mainly determined by the market, that is, the whole market supply and demand (occasional fluctuations or individual monopolies will not say much). If our costs can be lower than the market average, then our profits will be higher than average and the business will operate better. Maybe your business will rise from the medium profit level to the upper profit level.

Quality is the life of a business, and we cannot ignore this moment. The pursuit of quality in business is: stable first, then continuous improvement.

We have seen a lot of enterprises, because of the quality of the lack of rigorous, to the enterprise brought great disaster, or even death, such as the Sanlu milk powder "melamine" incident, and Japan Kobe steel counterfeiting, are worth every one of our friends engaged in operations to wake up and awe.

Likewise, we also see ourselves a lot of quality management of the management of particularly good enterprises, such as Huawei, before the cell phone batch to do a lot of rigorous testing, in order to get to ensure that the phone in the user through the use of this process, there is no one or very few quality and safety issues.

Delivery operations of another very important role is mainly to ensure that the delivery period as short as possible.

Because we are in a complete and complex industry chain, if the delivery problem of one node may lead to the problem of the whole industry chain, or even the break of the whole industry chain.

It is like during this epidemic, because the level of control management of the epidemic at home and abroad is different, and many enterprises industrial chain is almost the main global distribution, which directly leads to supply tension in part of our supply chain system.

Take the development of the automotive service industry, there are problems with the same situation. Even if the domestic OEM, some parts are still purchased from abroad, when foreign suppliers because rapid prototypes llcof the epidemic shutdown, the domestic OEM can not be by continuing to start work. Then, this will directly lead to our domestic management of many parts suppliers can not choose to continue to supply as well as products, which means that our entire industrial chain must stop.

Therefore, the impact of delivery time on customers and even the entire industry chain is very huge.

Third, how to do a good job of operations management? To do a good job in operation management, I think we need to focus on the following three aspects:

First, solid front-end planning

We all know that planning is very important, planning directly affects the subsequent implementation and results. If you take the ratio of costs, planning inputs and quality costs of the process and the quality of customer complaints cost ratio of 1:10:100, which shows the importance of planning. Consolidation planning is to prepare all the things that need to be prepared in advance from the system level. It is not only about being prepared, but also about being the best. Only the best planning can bring the best execution and the best results.

For example, through our engineering project planning, the design of a process mainly includes the production process, equipment for selection, parameter formulation and staff resource allocation, really plan all these well and can achieve the optimal, then the process will reduce a lot of processing, waiting, bad waste, and the quality of life is not stable conditions.

For example, how is our quality planning, how is our quality system set up? Will it be everyone? Are you missing anything? Have we done a system analysis? Does it really follow the system? Or do we think the system is just a show-and-tell document?

For example, we have an equipment maintenance plan that really does a good job of preventive maintenance and planned maintenance to really avoid equipment abnormalities, or minimize the damage caused by equipment abnormalities. Not only is it a waste of time, but there are more costs lost in terms of waste such as waiting, handling and semi-finished product backlogs.

Second, pay close attention to the implementation of execution

Execution must be an important part of the operation.

Because for we can often see, although there is a good planning, but in the actual implementation of a link, so that the whole activity planning effect is greatly reduced. For example, we carry out planning to be able to develop up to 9 points, but in the implementation of the time can only reach 6 points, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of the entire management system construction operations.

To pay close attention to the implementation, it must be through the establishment of an efficient implementation of the habits and culture. This is not only the enterprise production technology department, all relevant departments should be so, even engineering and quality control department work is also China so, they are both planning, but also implementation, and supervision.

Only if everyone has a strong executive power, we can establish an effective operating system.

Third, the whole staff continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is a constant topic, and anyone engaged in operations management needs to have this understanding. Continuous improvement = personal improvement = performance growth

The premise that an enterprise can change is that people change. 1. when a person's awareness and understanding of doing improvement students need to be more comprehensive and profound, so that he will get really willing to do some improvement himself.

2. when he has such a willingness to influence, we then train and learn to coach his ability so that he has the ability to innovate to do improvements, that is, his personal development ability is enhanced.

3. when he has the willingness and ability to do so, he will make real improvements and continue to do so, so that business performance really grows.

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