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Professional versions of motorized stands, folding stops and woodpecker laser engravers can do the same!

This time last year, I first learned about laser laser engravers on a platform that I started with the intention of trying. This really opened the door to a new...

Oct 30,2023 | Dreamy

Professional versions of motorized stands, folding stops and woodpecker laser engravers can do the same!

This time last year, I first learned about laser laser engravers on a platform that I started with the intention of trying. This really opened the door to a new world for me. It turns out that laser engraving can still be played this way, really breaking my shallow understanding of DIY. I saw that the PRO version of Woodpecker Laser Engraver came out this year, researched it and started again without hesitation. I didn't forget to write a review during the game for those fans still on the fence. Without further ado, here goes.

New packaging development of new products is also a full of new ideas, leaving aside these middle of the host can not be ignored, the left side is a new teaching design of the protection of the activities of the baffle,handheld laser engraver & laser cutter can be detached and folded, storage is more convenient, the right part of the PRO version of the eye-catching - electric car bracket, a change in the use of some of the inconvenience of our previous tripods, so that the whole DIY process as a tiger to add wings.

First look at the motorized bracket. Packaging folded, shockproof foam protection in place. Next to the manual is also an auxiliary rangefinder board. How to use it will be talked about later.

After unfolding the look, although it is a motorized bracket, but we have this problem unfolding process or business needs to be carried out manually to complete the process, I am also China's first time to play, need to go through a simple learning.

The stand is made of metal with a polished surface. It is more wear-resistant and less likely to leave scratches. There are four non-slip rubber pads on the bottom to ensure the stability of the stand.

There is a fan at the top next to where the main unit is placed. Its function is not to dissipate heat, but to blow away the smoke produced when working, avoiding the laser beam from engraving badly because of the smoke. At the top and bottom are the power connector and the G-Senser mobile monitoring head. If there is any accidental movement during the operation of the laser engraving machine, the operation will be suspended immediately to ensure safety.

The professional version of the baffle is also very different from the previous product. Although there is no difference in the material, the overall design adopts a simpler patchwork style, just like the magnetic disks children play with. The edges of the baffle are connected by magnetic suction to form a quadrilateral enclosure for the laser engraving machine. On the one hand, this is to isolate the laser engraving work from outside interference, and on the other hand, to protect the user from injuries caused by accidental contact with the laser beam.

Finally look at the protagonist, Woodpecker Laser Engraver PRO standard models, from the internal attached accessories, and the previous generation of products and not much difference, still goggles, ruler, tripod, host and power cord, if you are not very full budget, you can buy a separate standard models, in addition to laser engraving machine placement and height adjustment is more troublesome, other aspects of the use of the machine are still relatively simple, to get the hand You can start the laser engraving operation.

laserpecker 11 pro version in the size design and the previous work to maintain the same, only in the outer circle to do a different shape and the previous work to show the difference, and the core difference lies mainly in the laser source power through the above, PRO version is 500mW SHARP 405nm blue violet light, compared to the previous work of the 1600mW 450nm blue laser source, the power can be affected by the reduction of the same time to carry out the spot size is also from the previous 0.3mW to 0.3mW, the laser source is also from the previous 0.3mW to 0.3mW. The size of the spot is also reduced from the previous 0.3mm learning to 0.15mm, from which we bring one of the advantages of China's high degree of refinement, can be directly carved white pollution objects, shortcomings of the problem there is a carving technology is equally important content products will take time to develop and increase.

Power button, work indicator and power connector are designed in the front of the host, convenient wiring and operation.

Professional version of the two power cables are also used in the more popular braided wire, more wear-resistant, non-balling, resilient, longer service life.

Place the laser engraver in the groove on the top of the motorized stand, connect the power cord, and you're ready to go.

Use a moving picture to show the assembly process of the whole set of equipment. The overall footprint is not very large. Just put it directly at home. Although it is folded, it is time-consuming and laborious to put it in and take it out every time.

Formally began to use their own before, of course, we need students to boot, because the host and the bracket has become connected together, so the enterprise as long as through the use of power buttons on the bracket can be, the right most of this one, long press to boot, short press is an automatic control to adjust the height of the economy, the left of the two are manually adjustable buttons to facilitate the user of information for the height of these different engraved objects The two on the left are manual adjustment buttons, which are convenient for information users to fine-tune the height for these different sculpted objects.

At the same time, it needs to download its own APP, Laser Woodpecker. Optimized over several iterations, the app has been made very simple and user-friendly. The phone and the device are connected via Bluetooth, which is a relatively quick and easy way to connect.

The first time you operate the PRO version, try engraving with the included eco-friendly paper. The selected graphics are built into the app. Of course, you can also engrave with any photo from your photo album, and there are many different presentations to choose from. Before engraving, the host previews the dimensions for easy positioning of the engraved object, and then you're ready to get to work. At this point the indicator light on the host will turn green to indicate that engraving is in progress.

The finished product has slight defects, it should be the reason that the paper is not flattened, and I didn't adjust the height, the first operation, mistakes are inevitable, find out the problem and solve the problem is what DIY people should do.

Then I'll focus on the motorized stand, which is also the most attractive accessory of PRO. Compared with the previous small tripod, the advantage of the motorized bracket is convenience and precision. Convenience is needless to say, just open the stand and put the host on it. Precision is reflected in the automatic height adjustment, or by the moving picture display. Laser engraving machine factory preset focus center is 20cm 1cm, bracket open default height is not 20cm, you need to press the automatic adjustment button to adjust.

Height can be adjusted of course, we are also enterprises through the laser beam to complete, if the students are just pieces of paper and other materials, do not use the computer-aided plate is also okay, but if it is some of the more research three-dimensional objects, you need to put the auxiliary plate on the object being engraved for social height adjustment.

If you feel that the automatic adjustment is not accurate enough or it is inconvenient to use the carving auxiliary board, you can also use the manual adjustment to fine-tune.

The maximum stroke of the motorized stand is 29cm, so the engraved object can be engraved within 10cm, which is more selective for various small objects at home.

In fact, the best way to demonstrate the effects of a laser engraver is with wood. Here we have used a small piece of wood that has been engraved with the previous generation. It was engraved with the same pattern and dimensions GIF was accelerated. Needless to say, to the naked eye, the PRO is characterized by more detail and display than the generation, and although the carving time has been extended, the payoff and reward are still equal for the carving effect.

You can make art out of take-out cup holders.

The PRO version of the Woodpecker Laser Engraver uses a Sharp 405nm blue-violet laser source with high finesse, uses a network life of 10,000 hours or more, and can carry out easy cut-throughs through 2mm-thick nonwoven fabric.

Although the PRO version can engrave white objects directly, for better results it is still recommended to blacken the objects and then engrave them. You can use a flat-tip black and white board pen to work on them and it's easy to erase them after engraving. Looking at a white rechargeable treasure is a bit monotonous, let's draw a dragon for it.

Protective glasses are recommended to protect your eyes if you want to watch the engraving process. The laser beam filtered through the lens looks less harsh. The engraving time depends on the size and complexity of the picture. This 50mmx50mm figure took almost 20 minutes or so.

After engraving, the brush marks on the whiteboard surface can be wiped off because the first time engraving on white plastic, using the default power supply, it seems that the depth of engraving is not good enough.

Then carve a tiger head to try the effect. When I first started carving, I accidentally shook the table. The highly sensitive G-Senser mobile monitoring head gives immediate feedback, stops the laser engraving mechanism, and pushes relevant information within the APP. It can be said that safety is in place.

Continue to develop our engraving technology work, this time I will parameter up, looks like the effect of the analysis is a rechargeable surface of the plastic was chipped off the last layer, compared to the study of the previous dragon, the tiger head of the three-dimensional sense as well as stronger, hair for the edge of the details are also very well dealt with, and the overall is also more domineering.

In fact, there are many things at home is suitable for DIY re-creation, such as this daughter-in-law's set of nail clippers, pink delicate imitation leather material, very suitable for carving, the entire carving process is like a printer to print pictures. The line was full. The printer is covered in ink, while the laser engraver is laser-fired. In the APP, you can customize the power and depth of the laser engraving for more uses.

Laser engraving is really addictive. If you've read my previous reviews, you'll remember that I engraved a cork coaster. At the time the laser beam was still relatively coarse, so I opted for a simpler graphic. Today's PRO version will challenge the Magic Array graphic with more richness and more detail.

Laser Engraver G-Senser

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