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novice mother most often encountere

World Health:Novice mothers are always nervous when they encounter problems.For fear of what will happen to the baby, in the end it is still inexperienced.Today summarized 2...

Apr 24,2020 | Elaine

novice mother most often encountere

Novice mothers are always nervous when they encounter problems.For fear of what will happen to the baby, in the end it is still inexperienced.Today summarized 20 baby FAQs, as well as subjectsLearn the nursing methods, so that novice mothers can calmly cope.1 | How to take care of your baby's umbilical cord?The umbilical cord is the nutrition and oxygen delivered by the mother during pregnancyChannel, no longer used after delivery, ligated after being cut,The stump of the umbilical cord is formed. Usually, the umbilical cord is between 7-14Days fall off, the maximum time is not more than 8 weeks.The correct method: keep the stump of the umbilical cord clean and dry,It is not recommended to give your baby a bath before she comes off.Use a scrubbing bath; if you accidentally get wet, use dryClean cotton or paper towels; change diapersAt the same time, you should also pay attention to avoid covering the umbilical cord to avoid soakingWet or rubbed; if the umbilical cord is swollen, yellowIf there is any secretion or odor, you should seek medical treatment in time.2 | 

Is it a cold if the baby has a stuffy nose or a nasal noise?The newborn's nasal cavity is small and short, and secretions are not easy to discharge.Blocks after drying, which can lead to nasal congestion or noise,It is not caused by a cold. If blocked or severeIt can also affect your baby's eating when he is weak.The correct response: use saline or nasal dropsRun the nasal cavity to soften and dry out the secretions.If the air is dry, a humidifier can also be used. In addition,Avoid smoking indoors and reduce lint in the indoor airHair, dust, or strong odorsCauses irritation to the baby's nasal mucosa.3 | What should I do if my baby is jaundiced?

Many babies will develop jaundice a few days after birth.It may seem scary, but it is actually quite common.This is mainly because the liver of the newborn is not yet developed.Perfect, can not decompose the produced bilirubin in time, leading toBilirubin accumulates on the skin and sclera of the eyes, causing yellowingThe phenomenon is not serious in most cases and can beLine subsides, but in some more serious cases, aScheduled treatment.The correct response: mild jaundice, also known as jaundiceThe index is less than 14, you can breastfeed frequently, and you can eatProbiotics, which helps the resolution of jaundice; if jaundiceIndex exceeds 17, or total bilirubin exceeds 280,Can be treated with blue light. But do not use Yin Zhi Huang TuJaundice, some time agoThis drug is disabled in children.4 | 

Does a newborn baby need a pillow?Old people often make their baby sleepyThis shaped pillow, in fact, for a baby, the rootThis does not require the use of pillows.Place pillows, quilts, etc., and cause suffocationInterest danger.The correct method: Do not give it to your baby before 1 year oldAny pillow, baby's "sleeping head shape" is also the sameIncorrect. In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants shouldShould try to take a supine position, this sleeping position for the babySafest to reduce "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome"risks of.5 | Breast-fed babies are thinner and have diarrhea?A breastfed baby is yellow or slightly greenColored, sticky or creamy, sometimesWas mistaken for diarrhea by Baoma; in addition, breastfeedingThere is a wide range of changes in baby's stool frequency, and even10 bowel movements per day, each feeding or hardWhen it comes out a little bit, this is mainly due toPo's gastrointestinal reflex, in order to release more emptyOccasionally take in breast milk.

The right way to deal with: Poop considered by Baoma as diarrheaAll are normal, pay attention to baby's feeding and poopAs long as the baby is in good condition and normal in all aspects,With steady weight gain, mothers need not worry. In addition,As your baby grows up, because breast milk is easy to digest,Only a small amount of waste needs to be excreted through the colon, soIt is also possible for the baby to poop only once a week.6 | What vaccine should I give when my baby is born?Babies should be vaccinated within 24 hours of birthVaccine and BCG vaccine to prevent hepatitis B virus and colonNuclear disease. In addition, the hepatitis B vaccineA second vaccination is required every month.

The correct response: Vaccinations may occur after vaccinationLocation swelling, or baby fever, etc.The situation is usually a normal reaction, if the fever is severeIf you have severe or redness, you should bring it in time.Baby visit.7 | How to prevent diaper rash?Diaper rash is a rash that appears on the covered part of the diaperOr skin inflammation, usually on the hips,Wrinkles on the genitals and thigh roots due to contact with urineLiquid or stool, redness or small rash on the skin.

These are often not changed in time with diapers or diapersRegarding pants, the rash can cause discomfort and even affect the babySleep and mood.The correct method: change diapers or diapers in time,Reduce skin exposure in humid environments; every stoolRinse with clean water and use a clean cotton clothDry "; in addition, in order to avoid urine, feces on the babySkin irritation, you can apply moisturizing oil, butt creamAnd so on, to play the role of isolation. If diaper rash developsFor bacterial infections, antifungal salves can be used.8 | What's the matter with snoring? How to shoot?Most babies doze from time to time, and often babies do notI feel uncomfortable, but my mother feels very troubled.In addition, the baby swallows some air while feeding, and willMake them uncomfortable. 

Breastfeeding and formula feedingThis can happen to babies, but it ’s more commonStill a baby eating a bottle. Large pacifier flow, babySwallowing frequently may cause excessive swallowing of air, such asFruit cries and drinks milk, and swallows more air.The correct way to deal with it:Now snoring, you can change your posture and try to slap, alsoYou can wait for a while before feeding, if 5-10 minutesSnoring, try feeding for a few minutes, usuallyEnough to stop. There are three ways to shoot photos:Upright: Hold the baby upright on your chest with your head against youBaby's head and back on one shoulder, the otherGently pat with your hands on your back;End-to-end sitting: hold the baby on your knees with one handSupport his chest and head, and pat him with the other handBackSide lying: let the baby lie on your lap and hold himHead with his head slightly above his chest, then pat his backOr gently stroke the circle.After each feeding, you should pat your babyPrevent spitting.9 | What's the matter about baby spitting milk?Spitting is common in infants, sometimesBecause of eating too much, it exceeds the capacity of the stomach.It can be caused by snoring. Do n’t worry too much.As the baby sits up, the state of vomiting will improve,And spitting does not cause much pain to the baby.The correct way to deal with: Is it true to want to solve the problem of vomiting completely?

Possible, there are only ways to help your baby reduceNumber and volume of spitting milk. Such as every feedingKeep it quiet and happy, and avoid when your baby is cryingBreastfeeding, and do not breastfeed when your baby is extremely hungry;For bottle feeding, make sure the nipple hole is not too large(This will cause formula milk to flow out too quickly)Too small (prevents the baby from feeding and makes it more swallowedMore air), drip a few drops after screwing the bottle, and stop,It shows that the size of the nipple hole is appropriate. Finally, baby every timeAfter eating the milk, pat it and hold it upright for 20-30 minutesbell.10 | Does the baby need to take a bath every day?As long as you keep urinating every time you change your diaperThe cloth area is clean and the baby does not need to take a regular bath becauseFrequent bathing can cause skin dryness, especially when washingUse soap in the bath.The right way to cope: a newborn bathing 3 times a week is enoughEnough, just wipe the baby before the umbilical cord comes off.Apply a low-sensitivity body lotion after bathingTo prevent eczema.11 | How to wash baby's clothes?Newborns' skin is sensitive and may be affected by new clothesAllergic to chemicals or residual soap and laundry detergent.The right way to deal with it: All baby clothes and personal clothingThe product should be used after repeated rinsing, andWash separately from family clothes.12 | 

What should I do if my baby's nails are scratched?In the first few weeks of life, the baby has small fingers but long nails.It ’s very fast. When you are awake, you can move your arm and scratch itMyself, some mothers use baby glovesThe situation is resolutely not allowed, becauseImpaired development, and if the thread ends inside the gloveFingers can cause necrosis. Such things happen from time to time.The right way to cope: Regularly trim your baby's nails, poorNo more pruning every two weeks. For infants onlyNail clippers, but be extra careful to avoid damaging Potreasure. The best time for mom to cut nails while baby is sleepingopportunity. In addition, use a softer abrasive after trimmingThe nail rods were smoothed.13 | Do I need a nutritional supplement for my baby?Although breast milk is the best food for babies,The characteristics of nutrients cause less content in breast milk,So additional supplements are needed, but some nutrients,Breast milk can fully meet the growth needs of babies.

The right way: give your baby an injection or mouth after birthTake vitamin K to prevent vitamin K deficiency bleeding;In addition, vitamin D must be supplemented, the United StatesThe Pediatric Association recommends that all babies start after each birthTake at least 400IU of vitamin D daily;K and Vitamin D do not need to supplement other nutrients, supplementCalcium is not necessary because the calcium in breast milk can be fullFoot baby needs no external supplement.14 | What should I do if my baby has colic?About 20% of babies develop colic, which is characterized by cryingNoisy time is more consistent, in the evening or evening, andIt lasts a long time, and breastfeeding will not let the babyQuiet, crying, accompanied by kicking. intestinalColic usually starts at 2-4 weeks, 3-4 monthsDiscontinued, no exact cause has been found.The right way to deal with it: Although intestinal colic is currently not specialTreatment drugs, but some methods can relieve your baby'spain:1. Use comforting pacifiers for your baby2.Press the baby's belly gently and clockwise3. Let the baby lie on your arm, you hold it with one handHold your baby's belly under one arm and gentlyShake gently to make your baby feel like you are flying;4. Gently wrap the baby to increase baby safetyFull sense, and then slowly quiet down;5. Breastfeeding mothers can try to stop takingDairy products, caffeine, onions, cabbage and stimulantsSexual food.15 | 

Does baby's eye feces get angry?After the baby is born, there will be more eye drops.The old man said it was getting angry, it wasn't like this at all! More eyesMay be related to blocked nasolacrimal ductsCauses baby's tears and secretions to increase.The correct response: the vast majority of nasolacrimal ducts are blockedIt will disappear in 12 months, so you do n’t need to see a doctor, you canHelp your baby massage the nose near the inner corner of the eye at homeTo open the nasolacrimal duct, before the patency, noteClean the eye secretions regularly.Wipe with a cotton ball of saline, wiping outward from the inner corner of the eye, eachWipe one cotton ball at a time. If it ’s caused by trichiasisThere are many secretions, you can often remove the eyelids for your baby,Relieves trichiasis, when the baby is 3 years oldThe situation will disappear. In addition, if your baby has a conjunctival chargeRedness of blood, or purulent discharge, with cryingNoisy, there may be infection, take your baby to the doctor in time. mostLater reminded, don't think that eye drops are mostly angry,What kind of medicine should be given to your baby to clear the fire and remove the fire.16 | 

How to clean up the scalp?Some babies will show up on their scalp when they are one month oldWhite or yellow scale-like desquamation or thick skin, not easyClear, usually without itching, this is medicallyIt is called "scalp milk boil". Some Baoma will choose to useMineral oil or emollient oil, these effects are not very good,Instead, the skin is longer and longer.The right way to cope: often with a mild baby shampooCleans hair while gentle massage helpsRemoval of the milk custard. Milk custard is usually a week or severalThe time of the month slowly disappeared.17 | What should I do if my baby's hearing screening fails?In order to detect your baby's hearing problems early, nowNewborn hearing screening programs, usually after your baby is born3-5 days to facilitate early detection and early intervention,To ensure that the child is learning normally. 

But currently listeningForce screening technology is affected by many factors, such asThere are foreign bodies such as amniotic fluid in Bao Wai's ear canalAnd other conditions, will lead to false positive results, makingMom is over tense.The right way to deal with it: As the results are affected in many ways,Failure of the first hearing screening does not mean that the babyHearing Impairment Must Not Pass the Screen in Most CasesCha's babies have normal hearing, so moms do n’tBe overly worried. Rescreening with your baby after 42 days,If it still does not pass, at 3 months,Perform audiology and medical assessments to determine if hearing is workingOften, and given early intervention.18 | 

What's nothing in the baby's mouth?Babies drink only milk, have less chewing and tongue movements, andThe salivary glands are not well developed and the saliva secretion is low, so thatThe mouth can not be washed enough to form a white layerSomething that is normal. However, if the infection is whiteCandidiasis causes thrush and also forms white spotsSomething that requires some treatment.The right way: Mom can use a clean gauzeWater, gently help the baby wipe, if it can be wiped off,Instructions are normal, as long as they are cleaned every 1-2 daysYes, but it must be gentle. If gauze cannot be wipedWipe off, then it may be thrush, observe the location of the white spotIs it more than one place, and the baby may feel pain,Crying after drinking milk. Thrush medicationIn fact, it is very simple.Sterilization of Po toys and supplies. Studies have also shown thatProbiotics can alleviate Candida albicans infections. In addition,If the mother's nipples are infected, apply bacillusAnd pay attention to disinfection of underwear.19 | 

Can I use a pacifier for my baby?Many babies like to suck, so the pacifier canMeet the baby's sucking needs when feedingYes, it cannot be used as a substitute for milk feedinglate. In addition, pacifiers are used before the baby goes to bed.Can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.The right approach: choose according to your baby's own situationWhether to use a pacifier, some babies may accept it,Some babies resist. If breastfeeding,Wait until your baby is 1 month before using to avoid mixingConfused. 

Use time also after feeding or twiceInterval between feedings.20 | Baby is born without milkpowder?After the baby is born, the mother may not yet have milk.At this time, worrying about not feeding, the baby will be hungry. ActuallyWhen the baby is born, there is a certain energy reserve in the body andBlood glucose maintenance ability, can meet metabolism for at least 3 daysYes, so don't worry too much. Also, if the firstIngestion of formula milk may cause allergiesreaction.The right way to cope: your baby's first mouthful of foodIt should be breast milk, which helps prevent allergies in infants, andReduce the incidence of neonatal jaundice. Also, early babyRepeated sucking of the nipple is to ensure successful breastfeedingkey. Do n’t feed your baby even if you start to run out of milkFormula, but to monitor your baby ’s weight change, justWeight loss should not exceed 7% of birth weightBreastfeeding.

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