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9 must-have wireless vacuum cleaner in 2024

Dust Collection Separator Lid in Cyclone Style, 12 Inch, with 2.5 Inch Dust Cap (DCA021) Price: $21.86 The separator lid is designed to fit or...

Mar 23,2024 | SAMANTHA

Dust Collection Separator Lid in Cyclone Style, 12 Inch, with 2.5 Inch Dust Cap (DCA021)

Price: $21.86

The separator lid is designed to fit ordinary 5-gallon plastic buckets (not included) with ease and security.

The included 90-degree elbow enhances dust collecting efficiency by creating cyclonic airflow.

In addition to minimizing suction and air flow losses, foam gasket ensures a tight seal on the bucket.

Accepts common 2.5-inch dust collecting hoses (hoses not included) composed of robust, stain-resistant ABS plastic

Hole Saw Dust Bowl 6 inch Drill Dust Cover Drill Dust Collector Drill Ash Bowl Drywall Dust Catcher Hole Saw Dust Catcher for All Hole Saws(Size:6inch)

Price: $12.59

【Stay Clean】Hole Saw Dust Bowl When you have this drillers dust bowl on hand at your commercial, residential or industrial worksite, you can minimize messes as the bowl collects saw dust and messes while drilling large diameter holes and stay clean.

【No Marks】Drill Dust Cover You don’t have to worry about damaging ceilings or wall materials when using this drillers dust bowl that collapses like a plunger when sealing to the surface.

The best part is that it does not leave ceiling marks.

【Flexible and Practical】Drill Dust Collector Made of quality PC material, durable and wear-resistant, flexible and practical, and can be used for a long time.

The design with a handle prevents the dust cover from falling off, making it safer to punch holes.

【Interior Tool】Dust Catcher Reduce the need to vacuum or even don face masks and goggles when you can use this drillers dust bowl that collects saw dust when installing recessed lighting fixtures.

【Widely Used】Hole Saw Dust Bowl Suitable for electric hammers, electric picks, percussion drills, hand drills and other electric tools.

Cut extremely hard materials, from laminates, fiberglass, ceramic tile and marble.

For a better night's sleep, FIXAIR offers portable air purifiers for bedrooms that come with a fragrance sponge, ten additional aroma pads, and an H13 True HEPA filter. The model number is FX01-White.

Price: $49.99
rechargeable vacuum cleaner supplier

HIGH CIRCULATION RATE: FixAir air purifiers are made to fit into large spaces up to 215 ft² / 20 m², providing thorough coverage throughout your entire area.

The compact, portable air purifier's design makes it simple to set up wherever you'd like.

You can significantly improve the indoor air quality with just one unit.

We advise using this product in rooms that are no larger than 215 feet by 20 meters for best results.

HEPA air filter: Our HEPA filters are 3-in-1 in our air purifiers.

The activated carbon filter effectively gets rid of offensive odors like smoke and pet odor.

Experience the luxury of clean, fresh air in your house or place of business, guaranteeing a relaxing and healthy atmosphere all day.

QUIET OPERATION: The tranquil atmosphere created by our air purifiers promotes restful sleep.

Turn on the sleep mode at night for as low as 25dB of whisper-quiet operation, which is the same as a silent mode.

While the air purifier quietly does its thing, slumber soundly.

Benefit from the Timer mode as well, which offers adjustable 2H-4H-6H-8H cycle settings.

This lets you adjust the purifier's operation to fit your schedule, even when you're not there.

EFFECTIVE Particle Filtration: The FixAir air purifier uses a HEPA filter, which is capable of efficiently removing particles from the air, thus enhancing its quality and possibly contributing to your own health and wellbeing.


Introducing a novel feature that will enhance your air purifier experience: an aroma pad that is conveniently located on the top panel.

To use, just apply four to five drops of your favorite essential oil (oil not included) to the pad.

The pleasant scent fills the space while the air purifier circulates crisp, clean air.

GENUINE REPLACEMENT FILTER: Our Hepa air purifier has a 2000-hour filter replacement reminder to protect your family's health and well-being.

A red indicator light will turn on to remind you to change the filter after using the purifier for more than 2000 hours.

Magnetic Floor Vent Covers,4 x 12 Inch Floor Register Vent Cover,Rectangle Air Vent Screen Cover for Ceiling Wall Floor Catch Debris Hair Dust(Black,4Pack)

Price: $12.99

【Magnetic PVC Vent Mesh Cover】The frame of vent cover is made of strong magnetic and sturdy PVC material, it can be used to 4x12 inch metal register, air vent and ac vent.

Magnetic frame, easy to install, applicable to the iron floor registers.

【Easy to Install and Remove】The floor vent cover is designed with a magnetic frame and the vent cover is easy to install and remove.

You can easily remove it and wash it underwater or clean it with a vacuum cleaner, saving time and effort.

【Keep Small Stuff Out】The Magnetic Floor Vent Covers features a reasonable mesh design that prevents small organisms from crawling out of the vent, giving you a high level of peace of mind 【Size】Size : 4 x 12 inch, 4 pieces per pack.

Applicable to the floor register of 4x12inches, It can prevent small items from falling into the vent and cause blockage,while providing good air circulation.

【Wide Use】The floor register vent covers suitable for all kinds of vents, effectively preventing paper scraps, bugs, hair, toys and some small items from falling from the duct, so as to keep the duct system clean.

Genuine PuroAir 240 Replacement HEPA 14 Filter - Replaces HEPA 14 filter in PuroAir 240 Purifier; filters out 99.99% of allergens, dust, mold spores, odors, smoke, and pet dander.

Price: $48.00

A TRUE REPLACEMENT FILTER FOR PUROAIR 240: PuroAir 240 Purifier's HEPA 14 filter MEDICAL-GRADE HEPA 14 FILTRATION: eliminates 99.99% of contaminants, such as smoke, odors, dust, pet dander, and other fine particles smaller than 0.1 microns.

demonstrated to be more potent than a typical HEPA 13.

TESTED BY SCIENCE: independently verified and tested in a lab.

ETL and CARB certifications.

99.99% of pollutants can be detected and filtered out, according to science.

MAX COVERAGE: In 67 minutes, cleans rooms up to 1,115 square feet.

3 Pack Dryer Vent Lint Bags Lint Traps Lint Dust Bag for Outdoor Louvered Flat Dryer Vents Capturing Lint and Dust

Price: $19.99

Package includes: 3 pack of vent bags sewed with loop strips and 3 pieces of hook strips with adhesive.

Size: This vent bag are designed to suit 5" diameter dryer vent pipe, 5" diameter vent elbow and 5" dryer vent hood.

Used for for louvered flat dryer vents.

Design updated: Made of top quality nylon mesh.

The aperture of the bags is sewed with loop strips which will enable you quickly place these vent bags on or off the vent rain cover.

Convenient to use: No extra goods such as string, clamp, magnets, wire or screw will be needed if you use our vent cover bags.

The hook and loop fasteners would do the job.

Application: Eliminate the problem of birds' nests or dryer lint dust.

The lint bags may not only catch the lint but also allow adequate venting.

Dust Bag Lint Trap Dust Bag Lint Bag Outside for Outdoor Dryer Vent Lint and Dust Catcher (4 Packs, Black)

Price: $17.99

Sizes that This dryer vent lint bag is intended for: 4" diameter dryer vent pipe, vent elbows, dryer vent hoods, 4" diameter dryer vent hoods with rain cover, round wall side vent hoods.

Included in the package are two packs of dryer vent lint bags with loop strips stitched on them and two pieces of adhesive hook strips.

Superior Material: The nylon fabric used to make these dryer vent lint bags is of the highest caliber; it resists wrinkles well and does not readily pill after washing.

The dryer vent lint bags may be securely fastened to the vent or wall and won't come off easy thanks to the strong adhesive hook and loop tape.

What It Does: This dryer vent lint trap allows you to gather dust and lint while keeping animals out of your vents, keeping birds from building nests in your vents, and getting airflow all at once.

Simple Installation: There is no need for additional tools like string, clips, screws, or magnets because this dryer vent lint bag comes with a hook strip with adhesive that will attach the vent pocket to the wall or vent.

2Pcs Dryer Vent Lint Catcher Bag Lint Dust Traps Dryer Lint Trap for Outdoor Dryer Vents Capturing Lint and Dust

Price: $9.59

EASY INSTALLATION: The dryer vent lint bags are designed to trap and collect lint from your dryer's vent, ensuring easy installation and preventing clogging for optimized drying efficiency EASY TO CLEAN: Introducing our easy clean lint catcher for dryer.

Say goodbye to frustrating and time-consuming lint removal with this innovative device that effortlessly traps lint and is a breeze to clean, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your dryer EFFECTIVE LINT TRAPPING LINT CATCHER: The dryer vent lint bags are designed to effectively trap lint and prevent it from clogging your dryer vent, providing a reliable lint-catching solution for efficient and safe drying DRYER MESH BAG SIZE: The dryer vent lint bags is a must-have accessory for your dryer it size of 15.


84 inches, this mesh bag is easy to install and maintain AFTER-SALES SERVICE: We are here to only provide you with the best quality products, aiming to make your life easier If you meet any problem with this dryer lint catcher, please feel free to contact us

PS388 Mr. Drain & dust catcher II Light Air-adjustment function

Price: $49.07

Model Paint Tools and Airbrush Paint Compressor Accessories By connecting the Mr.

Drain & Dust Catcher to the airbrush, it removes water droplets in the air hose and dust from the compressor at the front of the airbrush Comparison to prior items with a weight of PS288 (traditional product)/1.8 oz (51.3 g) ↑ PS388 Mr.

Drain & Dust Catcher II Light "With Air Adjustment" / 1.1 oz (30.0 g)

6 Industry-leading handheld vacuum cleaner factory in 2024

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