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A wax seal stamp kit that includes a sealing wax warmer, wax seal pen and envelope, 48 color, 1200 piece wax seal beads, and a wax seal stamp for gift wrapping....

Mar 06,2024 | linda

A wax seal stamp kit that includes a sealing wax warmer, wax seal pen and envelope, 48 color, 1200 piece wax seal beads, and a wax seal stamp for gift wrapping.

Price: $39.90

The contents of the package include 1200 pieces of wax seal beads in 48 different colors, 1 wax seal stamp, 1 wax seal warmer, 1 sealing wax spoon, 1 tweezers, 10 tea candles, 2 metallic pens, 5 vintage envelopes, and 1 glitter powder.

Everything is presented in a lovely gift box.

48 Shades Sealing Wax: A clear storage box is used to keep these wax seal beads.

Conveniently, each compartment is filled with the same color.

The matching of mixed colors adds uniqueness and beauty to the sealing wax.

Simple to Use: Remove a few beads of seal wax and place them in a spoon.

Heat the beads on a lit candle, pour the wax into the desired location, and seal it.

Numerous uses: It can be applied to sealing, postcards, packaging, sealing, wedding invitations, and other craft projects.

Wonderful Gift: At the next housewarming party, wedding, or holiday gift exchange, give the wax seal set to a colleague, friend, or loved one.

Adults and teens of all ages will adore the custom wax seal kit.

A Vintage Retro 25mm Removable Brass Head with a Wooden Handle for Wedding Invitations, Party Envelopes, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween CRASPIRE Letter K Wax Seal Stamp Alphabet Initial Sealing Wax Stamps

Price: $8.49

✪WAX SEAL STAMP ALPHABET: Whole length: 3.5 inches (9cm), wooden handle height: 2.95 inches (7.5 cm), seals diameter: 1 inch (2.5 cm).

Contains: package One Wax Seal Stamp, Letter K ✪MATERIAL: Wooden handle with golden plated brass seal head; easy to use, smooth and shiny, non-stick, easy to clean; in a retro-classic style that is timeless; leaves a sparkling clean impression ✔ORIGINAL WAX SEAL STAMP: Use hot wax to stamp onto an envelope paper.

One way to make it really special and literary is to add some lovely dried flowers.

✔REMOVABLE BRASS SEAL HEAD: This is simple to replace; a small rotation of the brass head is OK.

It may be used to flexibly tie in with a variety of 25mm diameter stamps with various designs to create any themes you choose.

✪WIDE APPLICATIONS: Sealing stamps can be used for DIY crafts, ornamentation, and adorning of envelope invites, wine packages, perfume bottles, scrapbooks, gift boxes, and greeting cards.

Sealing Wax Stamps - Do Not Forget Me - CRASPIRE Flower 25mm Detachable Brass Head Wood Handle with Retro Wood Stamp Wax Seal for Wedding Invitations Gift Card with Embellishment on Envelopes

Price: $8.49

✪Wax Seal Stamp Forget-Me-Not Flowers: Comes with 1 hardwood handle and 1 brass head replacement measuring 25 mm/0.98 inches.

(Wax not included) ✪FLOWERS WAX SEAL STAMP: Lovely stamps, excellent craftsmanship, smooth and glossy, non-stick and clean-up friendly, lovely and crisp image, and the fine details show through nicely, leaving an ideal impression in the wax.

✪SET ME RIGHT, NOT THE FLOWERS FORM: The phrase "forget-me-not" means "please don't forget my most sincere love," and it represents the need for love.

✕REMOVABLE BRASS SEAL HEAD: Constructed from brass and wood, the sealing stamp heads are the sole parts that require no effort to replace or install.

A small rotation of the brass head is acceptable.

Every seal stamp head in our store is compatible with the handle.

✔VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: Sealing wax stamp heads can be used to decorate and beautify envelopes, invitations, wine packages, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, and greeting cards, among other items.

A one-of-a-kind present for graduation, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Easter, Teacher's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and theme parties.

Two pieces of whale seal seal envelope stamps for wedding décor, wax seal stamp heads for animal decorations, and Christmas star wax sticks for letter metal stamps, personalized wax seals, and vintage gifts

Price: $9.09
how to make wax seal stickers

Stamps for gift packaging can be used on envelopes, cards for wine bags, invitations, glass, plastic, and vital documents.

WD Seal stamp heads can be used to create a variety of do-it-yourself crafts and are appropriate for birthdays, Christmas, and other celebrations.

Copper stamp: intricate design and lovely meaning.

Give your correspondence a hint of vintage flair.

Sealing stamp accessory: Sealing stamps can be used to decorate and adorn envelopes, invites, wine packages, and other items.

Wax for sealing: small and elegant, easy to store, useful for you to use, well-made, long-lasting, robust.

40 pieces of double-sided dots for the wax seal, together with 24 colors of wax seal beads, are included in this multicolored sealing wax bead set for the wax seal stamp.

Price: $8.88

A package containing approximately 624 pieces of sealing wax beads in 24 different colors is included with our wax seal kit.

In addition, we include 40 pieces of double-sided dots for wax sealing.

SEALING WAX IN MULTI-COLOR - There are 24 distinct colors available for these seal beads.

offering a selection of methods to satisfy your needs when making your own wax seals.

The size of the sealing wax beads is around 0.21 inches, while the Double Sided Dots have a diameter of 0.9 inches.

WAX STAMP BEADS FOR OCTAGON SHAPE: These attractive octagon-shaped beads are the right size and can be used in pairs or trios to embellish and seal envelopes, invites to weddings, cards, and other correspondence.

Broad range of applications: We utilize our sealing wax beads extensively in wedding invitations, wax seals, packages, cards, handicrafts, envelopes, and sealing wax stamps.

You may attach DIY wax seals to your gifts for occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, and more.

Charming Sealing Wax Set with Rose Wax Seal Beads - Ideal for sealing wax projects. Love Letters, Wedding Invitations, and Crafts: Pink Tealight Candle Wax Seal, Stamp Wax Melting Spoon for Letter Sealing

Price: $9.99

The package includes a lovely gift box with a pink wax seal kit for girls.

All the materials required to seal love letters are included in the rose-colored wax melts kit: 45 pieces of vibrant pink colored wax seal beads, 1 piece of envelope-shaped pink wax seal stamp, 1 piece of sealing wax kit spoon, and 1 piece of pink tea candle High-purity, smokeless, odorless wax is used to make our rose-colored octagon wax seal beads.

Shiny pink beads are adorable and sophisticated, bringing a unique flair to your love letters, birthday invites, and gift wrapping.

The solid pink wax melting spoon has a pink painted glazed wood handle that insulates heat, making it comfortable to hold and convenient for pouring hot melting wax.

You will be delighted with the stamping process and the quality will surpass all of your expectations.

It is simple to install or switch out the sealing wax stamp head of our wax seal stamp set because it is detachable.

With a length of 3.5 inches overall, the head measures 0.98 inches.

The romance stamp-making kit, wax stamp-making kit, and wedding stamps are the ideal size to produce lovely prints with crisp edges.

For sealing envelopes, wine package cards, wedding invitations, and other invites, as well as crucial documents and love letters, this pink letter sealer set might be your go-to helper.

For a lady, woman, or special someone on her birthday, in the new year, on Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or on an anniversary, it can also be an amazing gift.

Wax Seal Pen Kit: This premium wax seal pen set is perfect for sealing wedding wax envelopes and fits all wax seal beads or wax seal sticks. It includes 12 metallic marker color pens for decorating wax seal stamps.

Price: $11.98

[Wax Seal Stamp Decoration] Our wax seal pen kit comes with shimmering ink and consistent color, which can give your sealing wax an even sheen and create incredibly colorful and artistic DIY products.

[Twelve Metallic Marker Pens in Assorted Colors] There are twelve distinct colors in our wax seal pen set package for you to choose from: Gold, Orange, Coffee, Red, Pink, Purple, Grass Green, Green, Blue, Black, Silver, and White.

For decorating wedding letters, envelopes, seals, and stamps, the metallic marker pens are the ideal tool.

[Affectionate High-End Quality] The xylene-free, water-based ink used in the wax seal pens' opaque inks is specially formulated.

It offers flawless coverage.

Our water-based ink is chemically stable and resistant to fading.

The ink dries quickly, making it ideal for use with wax seal stamps.

[Application Widely] Our premium Metallic Marker Pens are ideal for use in art projects, do-it-yourself crafts, drawing, personalized mugs, and more.

They can also be used to decorate wax seal stamps.

Unlike most metallic paint pens, you do not need to shake them.

[Wonderful Gift and Excellent Service] For kids who love art, teachers, artists, neighbors, and friends, our metallic markers pen set is the ideal present.

You can color the surface with amazing results thanks to the highly pigmented markers.

Purchasing carries no risk!

Please feel free to email us if you're not satisfied.

Sealing Wax Kit with 24 Color Sealing Wax Beads, 2 Wax Seal Stamp, Wax Seal Warmer, Melting Spoon, Envelope, Candles, Metallic Pen, Stirring Pins, Tweezers, Release Pad for Gift, Invitations and Decor

Price: $19.99

【12 in 1 Wax Seal Kit】 NOTE: Suitable for people over 7 years old, and children should use this product under the supervision of adults.

Its package includes 24 colors of wax seal beads, 10pcs different colors envelopes, 10pcs double-faced adhesive tape, 6pcs tea candles, 2 * Wax Stamps, 2 * Metallic Pens, 1pcs wax warmer, 1pcs melting spoon, 1pcs stirring pin, 1pcs tweezers, 1pcs demolding pads.

This complete wax seal set is an ideal gift for wax seal lovers and beginners.

【Rich Colors and High Quality Wax Sealing Beads】This wax sealing beads have a macaron color system, classic color system, light color system, and dark color system for your choice.

and each color system has 24 colors and 600 sealing wax beads.

meet your needs to create your unique style wax seal.

Besides, these wax sealing beads are made of high-quality material, smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, melt easily and dry quickly.

Easy to use.

【Upgraded Accessories & Perfect for DIY: 】The wax warmer and melting spoon are made of wood and metal to upgrade the quality and avoid burning your fingers.

In addition to the accessories in the regular set, we have added extra 2 * metal pens, stirring pins, tweezers, release pads, and double-sided tape.

This accessory will help you get the job done easier and DIY the perfect craft.

Fantastic for DIY.

【Widely Used】NRGready wax sealing kit is perfect for making envelopes, greeting cards, gifts sealing, crafts, manuscripts, parcels, wedding invitations, party invitations, birthday cards, Christmas cards, thank-you cards, Valentine's day cards, Maps, wine sealing or tea and other craft projects.

Enjoying retro feelings and romantic in making crafts with this wax seal kit.

【Perfect Gift】Are you still worried about choosing a gift?

This wax stamp seal kit is a creative gift for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, anniversaries, and other festivals.

Your friends, lovers, and family members will feel the most sincere blessings.

It is also the best gift for sealing wax l

CRASPIRE Cat Wax Seal Stamp: Vintage Sealing Wax Stamps with Flowers and Animals; 25mm Retro Removable Brass Seal Wood Handle for Wedding Invitations, Envelopes, Gift Packing, Decoration, Waxing Crafts

Price: $8.19

SIZES OF CAT WAX SEAL STAMP: Inner diameter of the brass seal head is 0.28" (7mm); seal head size is 0.98'' (2.5cm).

Total stamp length in wax: 3.54" (9mm).

One cat wax seal stamp head and one wooden handle (without any wax) are included in the package.

Cat sealing wax stamp: The detachable seal stamp is composed of brass and wood handle, making it strong, resilient, colorfast, smooth, glossy, and easy to clean.

Golden hue Shape: round, 25 mm.

WEDDING INVITATIONS: WAX SEAL STAMP People always feel impenetrable around wax stamp cats, and they feel more like dream when they see cats sleeping in a garland.

REMOVABLE BRASS SEAL HEAD: It is simple to install a replacement sealing wax stamp head.

All handles in the CRASPIRE Store fit the 7mm inner size.

WIDE APPLICATIONS: You can decorate envelopes, cards, invites, wine packages, perfume bottles, gift packaging, and more with sealing wax stamps.

The ideal present for a friend or relative are these festive Christmas invitations.

2024 highest-quality how to use wax seal sticks

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