The technical characteristics of the cloud storage architecture and three development directions

World Health:Cloud storage concept As the name suggests, cloud storage is a solution that provides storage services on the cloud and stores data to the cloud for enterprise...

May 26,2022 | Caroline

The technical characteristics of the cloud storage architecture and three development directions

Cloud storage concept

As the name suggests, cloud storage is a solution that provides storage services on the cloud and stores data to the cloud for enterprises or individuals to access. At any time, consumers can easily access data on the cloud through the Internet. Compared with offline, it has the characteristics of high availability, strong scalability, large storage capacity, and provided on demand. Cloud computing service providers usually provide cloud storage through services and data decentralized storage. For users, they do not need to care about specific areas of data storage. Cloud storage services can be roughly divided into personal services, such as online disks, document sharing editing, etc. ; Enterprise services, such as spatial leasing services for corporate data storage, cloud disaster preparation services, and cloud supervision and control storage.

Technical characteristics of cloud storage architecture.

By storing virtualization technology, the cloud storage service chambers will store the storage resources in the background virtualization and decentralized storage resources to form a pool to form a storage resource pool. They can access the storage resource pool through the network user interface to store files or objects as individuals or corporate consumers. In some automated scenarios, service providers also provide data storage through the web service application interface (API). According to different use scenarios, you can classify the cloud storage, document cloud storage, disaster cloud storage, database cloud storage and other cloud storage such as video cloud storage, document cloud storage, disaster cloud storage, database cloud storage.

To better understand and learn cloud storage, we must first understand the structure of cloud storage architecture and its characteristics. Cloud storage architecture is roughly divided into physical layers, management, application layers, and access layers.

(1) Physical layer:

The physical layer is the hardware medium that truly stores data, such as disks, tapes, etc., which is also the most basic part. According to the different characteristics of hardware such as the FC optical fiber channel storage equipment, network storage equipment, direct storage equipment, and IP storage itself, the storage medium is also different. In the current common cloud storage scenarios, storage hardware in cloud storage is usually large and distributed in different geographical locations. Through virtualization technology and network connection, the high availability of the storage equipment and the status monitoring and fault maintenance of the hardware equipment itself can be achieved.

(2) Storage management:

As we all know, the reliability of cloud storage is very high, which can be said to be 59. It is mainly because it has unified management and dispatching of functions such as reliable storage management, physical equipment, and regional distribution, and there is almost no single -point failure. In terms of technical complexity and management complexity, storage management can be said to be the core part of the cloud storage solution. Multiple storage devices in cloud storage have collaborated through cluster, distributed file system and grid computing technology, so that multiple storage devices can provide the same service and high -performance data access capabilities.

(3) Application interface layer:

As a lubricating layer of cloud storage, the application interface layer is very important. Provide different types of access services for different application scenarios and integrate different protocols and interfaces. Cloud storage not only refers to hardware, but also provides different application scenarios through the coordination of the application layer. Such as monitoring application platforms, video demand application platforms, network hard disk application platforms, remote data backup application platforms, etc.

(4) access layer:

The access layer is the closest layer to consumers, and is a bridge between consumers and cloud storage. Remember that cloud storage is not a storage, but a cloud service. For consumers, it is not a specific device, but a collection of many storage devices and servers. Consumers use cloud storage instead of storage devices, but data access services brought by the entire cloud storage system. Using cloud storage services, consumers can log in to the cloud storage system provided by cloud service providers. With the development of network technology, consumers can access or share data through PC, mobile terminals and smart terminals.

A good cloud storage architecture should have the following characteristics:

(1) Virtualization.

One of the basic features of cloud storage is storage virtualization. The logical images of storage resources are separated through virtualization technology and physical storage, so as to provide simplified and seamless resource virtual views and simplify complex infrastructure. After storing resources through the virtualization technology pool, a huge storage pool is formed. Users do not need to care about the specific storage position of the data, they only need to provide it as needed. Through virtualization technology, cloud storage can ensure the high availability of the data, and truly realize the data everywhere and everywhere.

(2) Expansion.

scalability is one of the most basic features of cloud storage. It is no longer limited to traditional expansion models, such as first design, second procurement, and re -integration. Instead, through the foundation of good software design, cluster management models, and distributed architecture, it can be obtained on demand according to the actual needs of consumers. Reduce consumers' procurement costs and costs, and give full play to the advantages of the cloud.

(3) Stability.

Cloud memory has considered redundant characteristics since its birth, and high availability requirements have been considered in the system structure to meet the high availability of users or enterprises in different scenarios. All physical layers are distributed in different areas, and data compass is distributed in different areas. Cluster, network interconnection and other technologies realize the real -time synchronization of data, and achieve multi -copy storage and unified interface access.

(4) Safety.

The security of cloud storage, security has always been the most concerned topic for service providers and enterprises. In addition, the State's "Data Security Law" puts forward higher requirements for data storage. Cloud service providers also upgrade and improve various technologies at the first time to ensure the security of user cloud data, such as decreased data encryption, data access encryption, data fault tolerance, etc. In fact, because cloud service providers provide extensive services and various types, the security level provided by cloud storage is much higher than the security level provided by the user's local hard disk or corporate data center.

(5) Convenience.

Cloud storage provides convenient access to consumers or enterprises, such as personal computers, mobile devices or other smart devices. As long as there is a network, users can access data, share and other operations in these ways. Some cloud service providers can also transfer the entire dataset to any media you choose, or even special storage devices, which greatly improves the convenience of data migration.

The development trend of cloud storage.

With the accelerated deployment of digital transformation, the two -wheel drive (business -driven data, data -driven business) are particularly prominent. Enterprises pay more and more attention to customer experience, collect user experience data through various methods and channels, and feedback to business and even R & D teams. Through the analysis of big data platforms, the value of exploration for R & D and business decisions. At the same time, business applications tend to move, and the most intuitive open -end channel opening. Compared with traditional methods, non -structured data will be collected and stored more and more.

At present, we have entered the DT era from IT, and even OT. The Internet of Things gives various terminal intelligent attributes, and a large amount of data will be collected to improve the quality of service levels and control digital transformation. In order to find a safe and reliable solution, a large amount of storage has become particularly important.

Cloud storage has become a trend of future storage development. With the development of cloud storage technology, there will be more and more scenarios involving cloud storage. Considering the general direction, cloud storage needs to be improved from three angles: safety, portability and availability.

(1) Safety.

With the promulgation of the Data Security Law, the data of data has been legislated from the national level, and the importance and security of data has been raised to a new height. Cloud service providers should study the "Data Security Law" to protect data from the life cycle of data, instead of paying attention to the safety of cloud storage itself, but also pay attention to the use and collection of data lte iot.

(2) portability.

With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, cloud service providers have gradually supported the development of the Internet of Things. More IoT scenarios are met, such as cloud monitoring, cloud on -demand, cloud conference, etc. With the popularization of various smart terminals, the convenience of cloud storage is no longer limited to Web -related technologies such as H5, but has developed into embedded and other near -hardware, which is more conducive to supporting the development of the Internet of Things. At the same time, we can try to achieve convenient transfer of data through new ways to meet the needs of future mixed storage models.

(3) usability.

From the perspective of the actual application of the enterprise, it is not difficult to find that cloud data and cloud data still have different levels of delays in network transmission. At present, combined with the CDN content distribution system, it can achieve the function of accelerating network access and improve user access effects. Hot data can be temporarily stored through local high -speed storage cache mechanisms to solve the problem of data -level delay. With the continuous development of cloud storage technology and network technology, manufacturers will continue to work hard to optimize the storage model and network optimization, minimize the delay of data transmission, provide users with better support, and achieve seamless access to data cloud.

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