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Perfect for wedding invitations, snail mail, wine gift wrapping, and Christmas gifts, this pack of eight UNIQOOO iridescent gold glue gun sealing wax sticks is ...

Mar 04,2024 | amantha

Perfect for wedding invitations, snail mail, wine gift wrapping, and Christmas gifts, this pack of eight UNIQOOO iridescent gold glue gun sealing wax sticks is ideal for wax seal stamps.

Price: $11.99

Your invitations or present wrapping will look delicate and sophisticated with the gorgeous glittery gloss of iridescent gold.

Superior Quality: Flexible wax is used to make each stick.

They don't crack or disintegrate inside the post.

Perfect for DIY projects and adorning envelopes, post cards, invitations, thank-you notes, snail mail, wine packaging, and gift wrapping.

Ideal for any celebration event, including Valentine's Day, Christmas, weddings, birthday parties, and holidays.

Simple to Use: Combine with a standard-sized, low-temperature 0.44-inch glue gun for easy use.

Item not intended for tiny glue guns!

This is the most effective way if you intend to seal several dozen envelopes.

You can place the stamp on an ice pack every four to five impressions to prevent wax from sticking to it.

Recall that the glue gun was intended for use with glue sticks, which have a significantly higher melting point than wax.

Therefore, maintaining a low temperature is essential.

Includes: 8 sticks in a pack.

About 12 to 15 seals can be made with each stick.

Makes 100–120 seals per pack.

Diameter: 0.43 inches; length: 5.5 inches.

SERVICE: You are guaranteed to be completely happy with our items, or your money back.

For further information, get in touch with our customer care.

Pre-made, self-adhesive, antique gold wedding invitation stickers manufactured from real sealing wax. Mixed pack of 40 eucalyptus wax seal stickers. Andotopee botanical envelope seal stickers in two patterns (20 pieces each).

Price: $9.98

Beautiful Mix of Two Traditional Eucalyptus Leaves Designs: This 40-piece antique gold wax seal sticker set includes 20 envelope stickers each of two exquisite combinations of traditional Eucalyptus leaf patterns.

Any project or contact will benefit from the exquisite details and sophisticated aesthetics of these designs, especially wedding invites.

Simple to Operate: With their handy peel-and-stick style, these wax seal wedding stickers are wonderfully simple to apply.

Peel off the backing and press firmly into the appropriate surface – no complicated tools or messy melting of wax required.

It really is that easy!

Adaptable Use: These 1.18-inch (3cm) outer-diameter envelope wax seal stickers are ideal for a variety of activities, such as scrapbooking, card-making, gift-wrapping, and wedding invitations.

Easily elevate your do-it-yourself crafts or add a sophisticated touch to your private letters.

Superior caliber: Our wedding wax seal stickers are made from premium real sealing wax and are incredibly strong and sticky, providing a secure seal on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cards, envelopes, and even fabrics.

Your seals will remain intact during handling and transit thanks to the strong adhesive characteristics.

Completely fulfilled Promiss: We at Andotopee offer excellent customer service.

For any questions about services or wax seal materials, our staff is here around-the-clock to help.

If you're not happy, we guarantee a 100% refund of your money.

Our top goal is making sure you're satisfied.

Christmas Envelope Seals Stickers, 480 pieces Wax Foil Seal Adhesives Wax Seals Stickers Labels for Christmas Greeting Cards Wedding (Gold, Funny Style) with Self Adhesive

Price: $7.99

Package Contents: six distinct Christmas styles (including Santa Claus, snowflakes, antlers, and other traditional motifs) totaling 480 sticky stickers; You can get what you need in enough designs and amounts.

Adorable and eye-catching, these envelope seal stickers measure around 1.35 x 1.45 inches / 3.4 x 3.7 cm.

They are suitable for a variety of situations.

High-quality materials: our self-stick wax seal stickers are composed of premium gold foil-backed adhesive paper, which is not only robust but also easy to remove, brightens and holds its color over time, and is a great option for a variety of envelope sealing tasks.

wonderful Christmas Patterns: The elegantly embossed gold foil stickers have a gold background and a wonderful Christmas pattern design that complements the festive mood.

They can save you time while sealing the envelope.

Broad Applications: The gold embossed wax seal is a useful tool for sealing and embellishing manuscripts, maps, vintage letters, invitations, envelopes, packages, cards, crafts, gifts, and stationery.

It's a great way to showcase your artistic side.

For use on wedding invitations, party favors, greeting cards, and DIY decorations, 300 pieces of gold embossed wax seal heart-shaped envelope seals are available. The ES-21ST-001

Price: $8.50

【What's Included】: Each sticker pack comes with three hundred adhesive stickers (12 sheets).

About 1.38 x 1.38 inches (35.1 x 35.1 mm) is the approximate size of one sticker.

【Unique Design】Our charming envelope stickers have a gold background and an exquisitely embossed heart design.

They resemble wax sealing seals.

A tranquil olive leaf encircles a love heart.

【Excellent Quality】Constructed from premium gold-foiled adhesive paper, these stickers are self-adherent and simple to apply and remove.

【Variety of Use】These gold heart seals work well for sealing letter envelopes or for affixing wedding, anniversary, or bridal shower invitations, as well as for birthday, Valentine's Day, greeting cards, and gift bags.

Roll wax-looking seals, whaline 1000 pieces Merry Christmas sealing stickers Gold Foil Round Decals Green and Red Mixed Christmas Self-Adhesive Party Favor Stickers for Envelope Announcements and Gift Decoration

Price: $8.99

The box contains one thousand pieces.

The set contains six distinct styles of Christmas stickers, offering enough options and quantity to suit your needs for sealing or party favors.

Festive Design: Our stickers use a gold foil design in the shape of wax seals, patterned with Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees.

The words "merry Christmas" are printed on them in a festive and delicate manner, which will significantly boost the joyous and delightful Christmas ambiance.

Premium Material: Constructed with high-quality paper, it is safe, strong, and long-lasting, and it doesn't smell odd.

It will provide you with a comfortable and convenient utilizing experience.

The ideal size for envelopes, invitations, gift bags, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and other items is around 3.8 cm/1.5 inch for each sealing sticker.

Broad Application: Gold foil stickers are perfect for a number of settings, including the home, office, classroom, and holiday parties.

They may also be used for Christmas and other celebrations.

Twelve Pieces of Customized Vintage Wax Seal Stickers with Distinctive Patterns and Hues Fit for Baby Shower, Birthday, and Wedding Invitations

Price: $6.99
seal sticks

【Unique design】: The genuine traditional wax sealing wax used to make the wax seal stickers is handcrafted, fusing the lovely scenery outside your window with the wishes of your dear ones, who will sense your respect, love, and care.

【Wide application】: In addition to sealing envelope stickers, our premade wax seals can be used for a variety of decoration purposes, such as wedding invitations, baby showers, gift decorations, greeting cards, birthday parties, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

【Simple and enjoyable to use】: 12 pieces of gold wax seal stickers with a self-adhesive design; simply peel off the back sticker to decorate your projects.

Finished projects are easy to put together and have the perfect details.

Wax seal stamps weigh approximately 0.05 oz, so they are unlikely to result in additional fees for weight.

【Safe Mailing】: High-quality sealing wax on sturdy self-adhesive backing is waterproof and wear-resistant, guaranteeing your envelope invitations are kept confidential and safe.

【Scrying across time and space】: In the heyday of retro fashion, the wax gradually melted and the letters were sealed, elegant and priceless, entrusted with thoughts and love.

Two types of gold foil stickers, 400 pieces of wax seal stickers, are perfect for wedding invitations, cards, envelopes, mail, and gift ideas.

Price: $10.99

Plenty of Stickers: There are 400 envelope stickers in this pack, which is made up of 50 sheets of eight stickers each.

Ideal for any envelope seal requirement, be it wedding, party, or private correspondence.

Unique Designs: The loving phrase "ESPECIALLY FOR YOU" and a stunning rose pattern are the two distinct, magnificent designs on these golden foil stickers.

With their 1.1-inch diameter, these patterns add a contemporary twist to the classic wax-sealed appearance of your envelopes.

Adaptable Uses: You can use these wax seal stickers for more than just envelope seals!

Utilize them for wrapping party favors, wine packaging, mail, postcards, invitations, thank-you notes, and gifts.

Give all of your mailings and packaging a dash of style and charm.

Convenience: These envelope stickers are very easy to use, in contrast to traditional wax seals.

No further equipment or tools are needed; just peel and stick where you want.

They are a convenient and hygienic sealing alternative because they are very simple to remove and leave no residue behind.

Superior Quality Material: These stickers are made of high-quality aluminum foil and have a strong self-adhesive backing that keeps them in place until they are removed.

They also look amazing.

Handmade vintage botanical leaf seal stickers in gold and white wax, 25 pieces total. Perfect for wedding party invitations, envelopes, gift wrap, and Christmas cards (gold initial A, white wax).

Price: $13.99

PACKAGE CONTENTS: Initially, there will be 25 pieces.

A handcrafted 1.18-inch (30 mm) diameter wax seal sticker with nearly identical adhesive on the reverse side is ideal for mailing because you don't have to worry about the adhesive's strength.

No initials are included.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: All wax stickers are made by hand from flexible wax of the highest caliber, which is colorfast, safe, odorless, and waterproof.

It also helps avoid your invitations' seals cracking or crumbling during shipment.

GOLD PATTERN: Each initial A is engraved with a gold pattern.

The rich gold hue gives an air of nobility and dignity to your invitations.

The handmade initial A has raised edges that give it a slightly aged metallic appearance, emphasizing your genuineness.

EASY TO USE: Every seal sticker has an adhesive backing, so you can remove it without using any additional tools or wasting time melting wax; you can simply stick the adhesive backing onto the self-adhesive wax seal sticker.

Our adhesive wax stickers are ready to use straight out of the package, saving you time when sealing your invitations—unlike traditional sticker seals!

Give yourself extra time to seal your invitations!

WIDE USE: Suitable for wedding invitations, birthday cards, greeting cards, Christmas cards, envelopes, letters, scrapbooks, invitations, and other DIY projects packaging, envelope wax seal stickers are also ideal for Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and other holidays.

50 pieces of burgundy PATIKIL Wax Seal Stickers, Embossed Self-Adhesive Thank You Stickers for Envelope Letter Wedding Invitation Birthday Party Gift Card

Price: $14.29

Detail: Material: Wax; Color: Burgundy; Package List: 50 x Wax Seal Stickers; Sticker Diameter: 3cm / 1.18" (L*W); Benefit The material, compound wax, is long-lasting, waterproof, and resistant to fading.

The embossed pattern on the surface of the product can give your invitations or envelopes a sophisticated, vintage vibe that enhances their appearance.

It has self-adhesive tape on the back that may be applied immediately, torn off easily, and adhered to flat paper surfaces like cards, boards, envelopes, and other materials.

These multipurpose wax seal stickers may be used for a variety of projects; they look great on party invites, wedding invitations, thank-you cards, stationery, gift wrapping, product packaging, crafts, do-it-yourself projects, scrapbooking, and more.

They also lend a touch of elegance.

Instructions: Tear the self-adhesive tape off and place it on the envelope's surface.

NOTE: To prevent overheating, please store it in a dry, well-ventilated area.

30 Wax Seal Stickers per Set Wax Seal Adhesive Stickers Retro Color Embossed Decal Stickers Stickers for Wedding Envelopes, Letters, and Gift Wrap (Rose)

Price: $9.99

【Package Contents】: 30 wax seal stickers in the style of rosemary, each measuring 1.1 inches (28 mm) in diameter.

You don't have to worry about the wax seals stickers peeling off because the adhesive on the back of each one is about the same size.

Ideal for mailing buddies cards.

【Unique Design】With the lovely rosemary pattern printed on it, every wax seal sticker appears magnificent.

The card is considerably more exquisite and striking for your pals when the pattern of rosemary and the color of vintage gold are combined.

Adhesive wax seal stickers are composed of premium flexible wax, which is non-toxic, nontoxic, odorless, resistant to fading, and waterproof.

These wax seals are sturdy, long-lasting, colorful, and resistant to deterioration, making them ideal for frequent sending.

Wax seals are far simpler to use than conventional wax stamps.

To apply the self-adhesive wax seal sticker on an envelope, greeting card, or present item, just peel off the sticker that is underneath the wax seal.

Not only do Wax Seal stickers save time when wrapping cards, they also provide envelopes a more elegant and well-organized appearance.

【Vintage Gold Color and Delicate Rose Pattern: Greeting cards for a variety of occasions can be adorned with these lovely patterns.

like cards for the wedding, scrapbooks, photo albums, envelopes, letters, and postcards; the list goes on.

Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, graduation, and other events can also be celebrated with it.

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