The best king of high-definition television antenna | Omni Revi high-definition television antenna

World Health:- Hey, dads!Are you looking for the best HDTV antennaso that you can watch free TVcoming over the air through antennas?Then I want to talk to you guys todayabou...

Apr 24,2020 | Editha

The best king of high-definition television antenna | Omni Revi high-definition television antenna

- Hey, dads!Are you looking for the best HDTV antennaso that you can watch free TVcoming over the air through antennas?Then I want to talk to you guys todayabout what I've been usingfor the past 10 years or so (laughs)and then something that I got in the mailthat we're going to test with.First of all, hi.Hi to all the new dads out there.This is Dad Reviews.This is where--(objects clattering)Whoa!Almost going to fall there.I give you my unedited,hopefully more authentic reviews,as you can see, unedited (laughs),of the products thatI like, have, and use.So if you're into that,you might want to clickthat subscribe button.

Also, that thumbs upbutton is appreciated.That right there, can youall see this right here?Actually, let me just takeyou all a little closer.That right there is myhomemade HDTV antenna.It is basically a fence postwith copper wire strungin a certain patternwith a balun in the middle.I'll link all that up downin the description below.If you guys want to buildthis thing on your own,it's ridiculously easy.In fact, I've got a video that I've donethat has over a million views on itthat teaches you how to do thatif you guys want to go that routewith getting free TV for your house.But I also got in the mail this guy.And I did an unboxing of this already too,which I'll link up down in the descriptionif you guys care to check out the unboxingto see everything that you get with this.But this is an antennaand it's definitely a lot more sexierthan that thing over there.

That thing's pretty butt ugly'cause it's a fence post with copper wire.This thing's a little bit more sleek,a little bit more per low profile,and it's got a coupleof cool things about itthat I want to talk to you guys about.But first of all, wewant to run an A/B test.So we're going to doa little side-by-sidecomparison basically here.I want to show you guys what we have.But first, let's go downback into the living room,and I'll show you guys whatchannels I'm already catchingon the homemade HDTV antenna,and then we'll go through and talk aboutand do what you call a scanand we'll see what we can getthrough the new antenna that's there.I think my hand's on the microphone.Okay, so we have, thisis ABC, this is The CW,this is something calledGrit, it plays old movies.This is a CBS, this is getTV,another one of those old movie channels,Ion, I really don't know what it is,but they play a lot of old movies as well.Laff, I think this is somekind of sitcom channel.Don't quote me on that.Okay, this is Fox.

This is KLAF which is an NBC channel,but I think it's likethe second NBC channel.The MYTV.I honestly don't even know what that is.Don't watch it too often.This is H&I, they play a lot of...I forget what the H and the I stand for.Maybe you guys can tell medown in the comments below.It's a bunch of movies, I know that,and I think they'remore geared towards men.This is PBS.We catch three PBS stationswhich includes a kid's station,and that one there, whichis cooking and crafts.This, I believe, it's, oh.Is that NBC?Another NBC?As you can tell, it's a little pixelated.I will say that it is fairly cloudy today.In fact, it's actuallyreally cloudy today.You can't see the sun at all.That's in Baton Rouge.Now, if you guys don't know,I live in Lafayette, Louisianaand this particular stationright here, 32 or 33?32 is all the way in Baton Rougewhich is a good 45 minutes from medriving that way, (laughs) driving east,so it kind of gives you an idea there.There's this stationwhich I think it's like a Jesus channel.Not too sure exactly what it is.KLAF, that's another NBC.

I don't know why they have so many NBCs.I guess there's a bunch oftowers for them around here.And then there's MeTV whichplays a bunch of movies as well.There's this KDCG TV, Idon't know what that is.There's one of theseradio stations, 105.9,and KLFT FM, that's another radio station.I believe it's a Catholicradio network therethat you can get through TV.And then there's one analogstation that always picks up,my TV always picks it up butit's just static every time.And that's it.That's what we have onthe homemade HDTV antenna.So now, what I want to dois go back up with you guys.We're going to switch the coaxial cablefrom the homemade HDTV antennato the OmniGo that we got in the mailand we're going to, while that's scanning,I'll show you guys everythingthat comes in the box.But to switch it, we'regoing to use the same cord,the same everything pretty much,and I'm going to put this antennajust right where you guys areso there's maybe a, Idon't know what's that, 10?Yeah, probably, nah.Seven to 10-foot differenceas far as where we arewhich shouldn't make thatmuch of a difference.

So let's just move this guy.And what I really like about this antennais that you could easilytravel with this this thingwhich I think is what thecompany kind of has in mindwhenever they were designingit which I really like.So I'm just going to putthat antenna right there.We got the cord going.Let me go down here.(Lane grunts)All right, now, let's go back to the TV.We're doing this on the exact same day,a couple of minutes apartand I want to see what the difference is.So I'm going to go to my menu,we're going to channel searchand we're just going to do Auto thereand we're going to let it gothrough the entire process there.If the new antenna picks up more channels,that's what I'm interested in,to see if that one canactually reach furtherthan the other homemade HD antennathat I've been usingsince whenever I built it,if you go watch that old video,which I think was 2010 or2011, something like that.I'm just getting you alittle tripod right nowso we can talk.Hang on, let me go getall this stuff over here.

So this is everythingpretty much that came(grunts) with that antenna.Also, one thing thatcame with this antennais a booster for it whichI kept on for both testsbecause I wanted to keep theexact same setup everywhereif that makes sense.So whenever you order the Omni antenna,which I'll link it up down belowif you guys care to check it out,but it's the KING OmniGo.And they do market it for campers, RVs,if you're bringing yourtruck to a tailgating game,they have the wholefootball thing going thereif you bring a TV and you want to,you have the antenna on top of your truckwhich actually the bottompart of that antenna,the base, this part righthere, is a big, giant magnet.

So you can stick it on top of your carand you know that it's not goingor it shouldn't go anywhere.It's pretty strong.I tested it out in the unboxing videoif you guys care to go and check that out.But I was very impressed by it.It's got a good weight,it's got a good magnetand magnetic aspect to it,and if you were to forgetthat you had it up thereand you started driving, I don'tthink it would go anywhere.I think you'd come home with it.One of the other things that I really likeis if you don't want toput it on top of your truckor something like that oryou need to put it out,they give you this tripodthat comes with it.And in the unboxing video,it was literally my firsttime doing this tripod,and it's so stinkin' easy.First of all, let me collapse it down.It works like tent sticks.If you've ever put up a tent before,it collapses down to this small.That's my forearm basically right there,not including my hand.And then to set it up,I literally just drop itand then I spread these legs out.One thing I did wish is that these legswould have something thatwould hold them in place.

That way, they wouldn't bewobble all over the placewhenever you're going to set it down,but that's just a minor, minor detail.You can kind of spreadthem out how you want.And then, instead ofhaving the magnetic base,that magnetic base comes offand you attach your antennato the top of this right here.Another small little designthing that they added onto that,I guess it wouldn't be design,just be a littleadditional detail, is that.They give you some cord clipshere which are really nice'cause the cord comes up under the antennaand then it would slide downso you can connect yourcoaxial cable onto thereand it won't be floppingall over the placewhich I think is really nice.They also do give you a, Ibelieve it's a 30-foot cord,so you can really get up highif you put it on top of yourcamper if you have an RVand you want to run your cordjust down out to your TV.It's a way, or if youneed to set up your tripoda little further out to get awayfrom some trees thatyour RV might be under,you could do thatand you'll be able topick up a better signalbecause trees can hinder a signal.

So I really do like thatthey thought about this.Now, if you are taking it traveling,they also give you a bag aswell that you can travel with.It does come with the strapand it comes with a nice pocket herethat you can put everything in right hereif you need to bring yourbig, long 30-inch cord,and then it has a little strap right hereto strap everything down.So I really like this bag.It seems to be solid nylon constructionand you've got the adjustable strap here,so if you want to wear it over yourselfso that you could takeit with you to go easierand still have your hands-free.So yeah, great little travel bag there,even if you don't use it for the antenna.It's just a good travel bag in general.And then the other thingthat you get with itis it's connected to my TV right now,it's the power booster,and you have to plug that inwhich it's plugged in right now,but since it's also made for travel,I'm trying to find it, theygive you a car adapter as well.What happened to it?Right.They give you a car adapterso you can plug it ininto your truck or car cigarettelighter or power adapterso that you can power thatthing up while you're on the go.Okay, it looks like our scan finished.Let me get my remote here, andlet's let's see what we got.

Okay, so this is ABC,and that's The CW, Grit,this is CBS, you got getTV,Ion, we already saw those.Laff, KDN, that's Fox.This is the NBC,MyTV, that was on there,our three PBSs, I'm justgoing to scroll through those.Oh, that's that basketball game.That looks good too!If I remember whenever wewere watching the earlier oneon the homemade antenna,it was very pixelated.This one, you still see alittle bit of pixelationbut it's not as bad.For picking that up as faras it is in Baton Rouge,I'm very impressed by that.Same thing with this here.No pixelation there.This was another one thathad a lot of pixelation.I believe this onecomes off the same toweras the previous channel does.Let's see, 33 WVLA.It picked it up, definitely pixelated.I don't know if this channelwas on the previous scan.I think it was.And he had that Laff channel again,so it's picking it up from a second tower.I think we only got the Laff channelon the first only on one scan last time.There's Ion again.I think it's maybe pickingup a couple more channels.Channel 40?

I don't know what this is.I think that was on the other one,but I don't think we picked it upbecause it would scan for itbut it couldn't actually read it.This one's actually readingit, which is really good.There's another NBC, sowe're picking that up again.50, that's MeTV.Looks good.I think this may have beena little pixelated on the other one.50.2, that's on H&I.Looking good.We got that one.Okay, 105.9.And that's the EWTN, Catholic.And that's it.So comparing the two, it lookslike, I'm turning that off.It looks like you get better qualityon some of the stationsthat are further awaythan maybe on some that are closer in.

Comparing the HDTV antennathat I received, this one,and the homemade antenna,a couple of stations weren't as pixelatedand I think I might be catchingone or two more channelsbut they're duplicates ofones that were already there.It'd be really interestingto take this thing on-the-go.And I would bring it in our pop-up camper,but we don't have a TVin our pop-up camper.Maybe if I can find a small one somewhere,I want to run a test.I want to bring it to a state parkand see what I can pick up there.I think that that would bevery interesting to check out.If you guys are liking the Dad Reviews,you all want to check out these products,I will link it up again downin the description below.I really liked what theysent me for the price.You get a good, small,low-profile antenna,good magnet base, thetripod, the carrying case,the booster with carcharger or plug charger,and a 30-foot cord.So all that, I think is just,they really put together anice package there for you.So check 'em out downin the description belowor you can go make your own homemade one.

Again, that's linked up.I'll put the video down belowand all the stuff that I usedto make that down below as well.If you guys want more of the Dad Reviews,I'ma put some more videosright there on the screen.I'd love it if you watchmore of our videos.Thank you guys for watching.Make sure to click that subscribe buttonif you want more of our future videos.If you have a productthat you want us to usehere on Dad Reviews,if you want us to review it,let me know what it isdown in the comments below,and I'll see if I can get it for you.Thank you all for watchingagain, and dad out!

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