Choose cat, dog and pet water dispenser to make your pet drink healthy and fun

World Health:I have a little dog named Yaya. A few days ago, relatives came to my house to play with three puppies. Then there was a fight. The reason is that they want to d...

May 27,2020 | SERENA

I have a little dog named Yaya. A few days ago, relatives came to my house to play with three puppies. Then there was a fight. The reason is that they want to drink my water = =! In fact, it doesn't matter what you do at ordinary times. The key is to touch the new puppy water dispenser - cats and dogs.

You have heard me right. Even dogs have drinking fountains. The principle of this "cat and dog" is to use a water pump to pump water, to flow back and forth, like a spring, to turn the dead water into living water. Live water in contact with air, fresh and full of oxygen.

There is a lot to love and pet at home. Baba and hemp like their own children love them. They are always concerned about the health of pets. Drinking water is the most important part of health. If there is a problem with drinking water, it is inevitable that they will get sick. The price for dogs to see a doctor is no lower than that for people. "Cat and dog" can not only make the water flow, but also has the function of filtering and purifying water? I'll summarize my experience in the next few days:

Cat, dog and pet water dispenser unpacking:

Choose cat, dog and pet water dispenser to make your pet drink healthy and fun

The main engine and accessories are installed in a small square box, including: shell, water storage tank, top cover, filter element, data cable, power adapter, instruction manual.

It is mainly white, and the light gray logo is inconspicuous. There is only one button on the front. Silicone anti-skid foot pad is added at the bottom.

How to use cat, dog and pet water dispenser correctly:

1. Sorting: take out the water dispenser and accessories from the packing box.

2. Cleaning: wash the water storage top cover, transparent water storage barrel, filter element simply, remove the floating ash, and soak the filter element in clean water for 2 minutes.

3. Installation: add the water storage barrel to the clean water, with a scale inside, the water level between min and Max, and put it into the water dispenser;

The filter element is inserted into the filter element groove at the bottom of the top cover, and the silicone handle above the top cover is located at the rear of the front of the water dispenser, so it is easy to cover the top cover.

4. Plug in: there is a miciro at the bottom of the fuselage_ USB interface, connect data cable and power adapter, and check the power adapter to the socket.

5. After connecting the power supply, the left and right indicator lights up instantly, and then the water dispenser will start to work, and the water is like a spring. Press the front power on button, it will pause, and then press it again to start. There are two indicator lights on the front, the red light is always on to indicate that there is no water; the yellow light is always on to indicate that the filter element needs to be replaced.

The advantages of water dispensers are as follows:

1. Circulation system: the drinking water is too static for a long time, which is easy to cause bacteria growth. The circulating water of the pet water dispenser can increase the oxygen content of the water. The living water system of the pet water dispenser can trace the nature of its origin, return to the essence of drinking water, and the round shape of the living fountain mouth, such as drinking sweet spring.

2. Filtration technology: equipped with filter element, the drinking water is recycled, purified and filtered, only the running water does not leave scale.

3. Bass water pump: the high-energy water pump is completely silent, making the drinking water active, just like a trickle of water. Pets are more fond of it, which helps pets drink more water.

4. Independent inner barrel: the inner barrel can be taken out and cleaned separately, without dragging the line, cleaning without worry.

5: Water pump protection mechanism: the water level is too low, and the red signal light is on, which reminds the owner to add water, and automatically turns off the water pump to avoid the hidden danger of dry burning.

6. Material safety: environmental protection and ecology, reasonable price, high cost performance. Upgrading from traditional bowls and basins to pet drinking fountains not only brings convenience to owners, but also brings happiness and health to pets.

Precautions for cat, dog and pet water dispenser:

1. The body part of the water dispenser and the power adapter, including the connecting line, cannot be soaked in water. It's OK to splash water.

2. When the water dispenser is working, it is normal if the lights on both sides are not on. If they are on, they should be adjusted: red light - insufficient water; orange light - change filter element.

3. It is also the responsibility of the "excrement shoveling officer" to clean the water dispenser regularly, change the fresh drinking water, and raise a healthy and lively "baby".

4. If there is no "spring" after power on, check whether the water pump is separated from the pipe.

Problems in using cat, dog and pet water dispenser:

1. At first, my family "Yaya" didn't adapt to drinking water. My family is a small dog, timid. I cut the ham into small pieces, add a small amount of milk powder as induction, and slowly "get on the right track";

2. If there are more than two pets in the house, you may need to add water once a day, otherwise you can't "spring" below the water level.

3. I saw that the charging head is 5V 600mA, and I tried to bring it up with the mobile power supply, and 10000mah can take 48 hours, so this water dispenser doesn't use electricity at all. Why not add lithium battery?


It's been a week since we used cats and dogs. We can use them when we plug in the plug. Without complicated operation and setting items, we can get started quickly. Later cleaning work is also very simple, directly under the tap to wash it. The price is not expensive. The crowdfunding price is only 99 yuan. If you don't want to change the filter element later, you don't need to place it directly. However, the use of filter elements can enhance the ability to purify water quality, and the flow of live water can also prevent bacteria from breeding and increase oxygen content, which is conducive to the health of dogs. It's fun to watch dogs grab water.

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