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World Health:Hi, hello.Welcome to today s videoToday I want to make one with you.Be similar toChat videosBecause I ve done so many videos of dressing and matching before.And today, I want to talk to you. I will talk to you in autumn.Some notesIt s a personal experience sharingIt s not a kind of science popularization.And then my bi...

May 29,2020 | Beatrice


Hi, hello.Welcome to today's videoToday I want to make one with you.Be similar toChat videosBecause I've done so many videos of dressing and matching before.And today, I want to talk to you. I will talk to you in autumn.Some notesIt's a personal experience sharingIt's not a kind of science popularization.And then my biggest feeling is that every time it's autumnThe biggest problem I have to face first is my own skin.Because when it comes to the new season, it's also cold to change from summer to summer.In the air of the weatherWhat's the comparison?So the first thing that happens to my skin is that it's very dry.So I'm basically very serious about resisting dryness during this period.Plus, I am a Chengdu native.It's really a very dry place in the east of the United States.So I haven't been able to adapt my skin.There are often some stress reactions.So I just go abroad and pay great attention to moisturizing.Plus, I was supposed to be six months ago.I started watching a YouTube in the United States.

Her name is Dr. drayWhat about her career?It's an American dermatologist.So she's a complete professional.She's been doing youtube, and I've been doing it for years.Since I started watching her videoIt really changed a lot of my own skin care concepts.And I think it's really beneficial. It's very beneficial if you don't have it for life.And it also makes me feel that my skin condition is very improved.Or make my own skin really moist.The problem of dry and itchy skin is completely solvedSo I'd like to share with you what I learned from her videos.Or skincare tipsIt makes my skin less dry nowOr I think there are some tips for my skin to get betterLet's talk about it.But if you're interested, you can check her channel.The first thing I learned from her video is that you can't over skin care.And don't over cleanAnyway, both of these things can damage our skin barrier.It will cause our skin to be unable to resist some bacteria from the outside world.Or the weather will make our skin very sensitive and unstable.

Anyway, since I started watching her video,I started to do some subtraction gradually.And then make my skin care steps very simple.Now it's almost as simple as eye cream.And face cream.The other point is that we should not over clean this place.I also want to share with you a body careIt's our skin care.That's what I learned. I thought it was weird at first.Dr. dray, she said she never used shower gel.At first, how could I possibly watch that video?You don't need shower gel, you don't feel clean.We tried it for the first time, and then we felt like it was really unnecessary.Because I didn't bathe with body wash.I don't think I haven't cleaned myself. The other thing isWhen we take a bathIf you don't use shower gelShe also saidIf you think it's not cleanYou can use that towel.It's actually a washcloth.And then rub your skin.Especially in summerDon't we put sunscreen on our bodiesIn order for us to wash the sunscreenSo you can just wipe it off with that towel.And then when you're done with the bath,Never use a dry bath towel to wipe your bodyThis is what I used to do.I think that's what most people do.It's just that you're going to put the towel directly on your body.And dry the skin.

And then go to the body milk.But she didn't do it at all.She isShe's using that towel.It's the towel after you take a bath.And screw it out.Then dip it in a little water.Just let the water be lessThen apply body lotion directly to your wet skin.I found that it really improved the dry itching of my skin.And I found that after I applied body milk in this way,It's true that body milk should be absorbed betterThere won't be that sticky problemIt's a little bit more moisturizing than my body lotion on dry skin.So my cleaning steps in the morning and at night are like this.I only use warm water when I get up in the morningAnd it's the kind of water that's only slightly hotter than the normal water, and it's the kind of water that's thrown away.Come on, just flush my face.Then I'll go straight to the cream and eye cream.At nightI can remove makeupFirst, use eye and lip makeup remover to remove eyes and mouth.Then use the makeup remover to remove the liquid from the face.No more cleaning.And then this is something I want to share with you.I got her video from Dr. dray.

And my own daily life and then my own little experience.I think it's very, very helpful for my own skin.And then I'll share with you a few of my recent experiences.Some skin care products that are very easy to useAnd the first product I want to share with you isThis cerave moisturizer, I actually grew grass and watched Dr. dray's video.She shared her favorite moisturizersShe said this was her favoriteAnd then I went to buy it.In fact, I had a tentative attitude at that time.Because I went to Amazon for a search.A price of thirteen dollarsAnd then for me, I think it's like 13 dollars.A canIt's 539 grams in all.It's a really big one.Maybe if you want to compareIt's La Mer's $2000 model.So big canIt's about that capacity.And then I thought wow was cheap.So when I bought it back, I was going to use it as a body milk.Because it's actually a moisturizer.So you can use it anywhere.Later, Dr. dray said that she was actuallyUse it as a face cream.Just her whole bodyI feel like saying that, otherwise I'll try the face cream.Because I was using La Mer cream at that time.And now it's not used up.And then I used this one, and I found it really worked.You start to doubt your intelligence.Do you knowIt's when you start to wonder if there's something wrong with your skin.It's the kind of fault that doesn't know the goods.But really.Really, she is a very good cream.After I put it on my faceI've been painting it for a while, and the first thing I've found is thatTo keep the cream moisturized, you have to keep it hydrated, and the moisturizing time is very long.It just doesn't make you feel like you're not moisturizing for a while.Especially when I'm in the daytime, I use it.I put on makeup after I use it. I put on makeup all day.Sometimes it's 12 a.m. from morning to night.It doesn't cause dry skin.Now I'm after the showerOne way to use Dr. dray is to directlyWipe the water slightly with a wet towelAnd then directly from the faceThen rub it to your neck and rub it on your toes.The second one I want to share with you is a product that I think is very easy to use.

This is the vaseline. This Vaseline is actually recommended by Dr. dray.Because I used up my lipstick at that time.Then I went to search her for lipstick.That kind of videoWhat she said in it wasActually, all the lipsticks are directly placed Vaseline.Then she said, you might as well buy some Vaseline because lipstick is a little expensive.Particularly expensiveJust a small can, maybe tens of dollars or something.She said it was the same.And on the contrary, you're going to add something messy.For example, some of them will add flavors to your lips.And the skin of this part of our lips is very tender.And sensitive and vulnerable.Anyway, we just don't need to use some stimulating substances to stimulate our lips.Anyway, Vaseline is very easy to use.At that time, I went directly to buy this kind of travel clothes.Because her big box is too big.I'm pissed off. I just found out that I'veIt's almost over.It turns out that the camera is somehowI don't know when it stopped working.I'm going to talk to you again now.Now the next thing I want to share with you is this sunscreen.Actually, I didn't shoot one in the summer before.

A video about sun protectionI'll tell you the principle of sunscreen.And then why do we need sunscreen andIf we don't protect ourselves from the sun, it will do harm to our skin.If you're interested, you can go and watch those videos.And the reason for that video?Because I'm not one.Blogger of beauty and skin careAnd then I was watching Dr. dray's video.After reading itShe told us that sunscreen is a very, very important thingAnd then with such a curiosityI just want to know why I need sunscreen.Because it's so sad. You know, you want to find thousands of reasons why you don't want sunscreen.After checking it out,I know what happened.We know the damage of ultraviolet to our skin.I think it's really necessary to protect from sun.I'm not so careful here to share with you why we need sunscreen.Because I shared it with you in that video.My favorite sunscreen is this oneThis can is a new one I bought recentlyTwo or three timesBecause it was used up before.Brand name: elta MDAnd it's fully certified by dermatologists.And then this sunscreen actually works.

First of all, it's very good to pushThen good absorption will not dryBecause I used that sunscreen before.It's the kind of sunscreen that completely absorbs the moisture from my face after I put it on.I used toIt's moisturizing when you put it on.One more thing.It's not white.Although it has a physical sunscreen componentAnd then the priceIt's 35 dollars on the American side.It's not particularly expensiveBut it's not a very cheap price.But I also shared it with you in the last video.Because the physical sunscreen component itself costs moreIt's a lot higher than chemical sunscreen.So it can't be too low.And then I want to share with you.This eye makeup removerIt's also very easy for me to use recently.I used to use only one make-up remover before.It's Chanel's eye makeup.Because I think I was a long time agoBuy the best one slowlyAnd then I was a very lazy person.I think after I use a very useful thing,I won't changeAfter I saw the video of Dr.I feel so.Why is that kind of cheap product

There are so many useful thingsI'm trying to say my eye makeup removerIt's expensive, isn't it?$35 A canAnd it's fast.I just want to say, do you want to experiment yourself to find a cheap eye makeup removerMaybe it will work.Later, I put the AmazonA little cheaper eye makeup removerI bought them one by one.And then I'm using this circle.I think this skin conditionerThis make-up remover is the bestAnd it's exactly the same as Chanel'sThen I will talk about one of my requirements for eye makeup remover.The first point is to unload it quickly.If it unloads slowlyI'm upsetAnd this oneI think it's as fast as Chanel'sAnd like Chanel, it's not exciting at all.It won't make my eyelids sensitive.My eyelids are also very sensitiveAnd then what happens?I want to share a rare product with you.It's this hand sanitizer.In fact, the reason why we wanted to buy disinfectant milk was because we had cats and dogs in our family.So it's going to take a lot of hand washing.But I think the biggest problem of hand washing isIt will cause my hand skin to become very dry.

So I want to minimize the number of times I wash my hands.I'd like to say, otherwise, I'll buy a disinfectant at home.When I went to check later, I found that it was actually like the disinfectant used outside.It's all alcohol based.So you'll find yourself putting it on your hands.It's going to evaporate very quickly.It's also a good thing.But the biggest disadvantageAnd it's also a point that I really care about.It makes your hands dry.Later, I went to check and found that I could actually buy this kind ofAlcohol free'sIt's not based on alcohol to achieve a disinfection effect.Such an emulsionAnd it's very similar to hand cream.As you can see, it is actually a feeling of emulsion.Why did I buy it?It's because I see all the reviews that sayOne of its biggest advantages is that it won'tMake your hands dry and moistEvery time you put it on, it's like a hand cream.So you're saying that you sterilized it with hand cream.I think it's goodAnd then what I just shared with you is the management of body skin.And I think it's actually in autumn and winter.I also pay great attention to the management of my own figure recently.In fact, it's also a sentence from TangyuanBecause before usIn fact, when I was in summer,It's really a very high-intensity exercise.

But then at the end of summer, we gradually moved because of the problem.You are very tired when you move every daySo it's kind of putting fitness on hold.Less going to the gymAnd then until recently, when the weather turns cold,Tangyuan will tell meHe said I didn't think we shouldthat is becauseFor example, when it comes to summer, we need to show meat.That's why we went out to work out.But to form such a habitSo now we are in autumn and winter.We think even if we wear a lotAnd then we don't see ourselves getting fat.Or no one else can see you getting fat.You can cover the fatI don't think there should be such a concept.Recently, I started to work out regularly.And I think I can give you a little advice on fitness.Of course, this advice is for those who just want to exercise.It's when I'm working out.First of all, some simple sportsLike runningAnd then after the runI will do a more targeted trainingAnd it's at a very long stage.I always focus on one part of the training

For example, I want to practice my butt recently.So I've been concentrating on my butt training all this time.Because I think it will be faster to see an effect.It's not easy to give upAnd then recently I received two more fitness suits.I want to share it with you in this video.And then the suitAll from one brandMaia activeActually, I worked with them once before.At that timeThey want to promote that micro blogAnd then sent me two sets.Plus this timeI should have four sets of their gym clothes.I like it very muchAnd I actually shared it with you in my previous fitness suit video.And I shared with you recentlyIt's because they happened to have a big discount recently.It belongs to the whole year.The cheapest period of timeSo I can talk to you at this time.And Maia activeI feel like sayingBecause I have their home nowFour fitness suitsPlus a lost piece of that top.Maybe there are five or six piecesAnd then I put it on myself and I think it really suits us Asians.And it's in line with our Asian body shape.And some of our aesthetic requirements.It's a beautiful design.And I think she's able to avoid a little bit of design.Or to cover up something we don't like.So I think I like it.Because just recently they've come out with new fabrics.

And then the SweatpantsIt's a fabric of their new cloud pants.Because I received the other two suitsI really like itIt's very comfortable.And it feels smooth and so on.And then they said that after they came out with this better and newer fabric,I think I really have to tryI was wearing it because I thought it was better than before.It will be softer and more skin friendlyAnd I think it's better to compare it with the previous fabric.It will be more suitable for YogaIt's the kind with a little bit of light on it.The kind of clothes that make me feel fluffyIt makes me feelThe wrapped type of YogaA sense of warmthOne moreI think Maia's family has always done a very good job.It's their fabric.Whether it's old fabricOr new fabricNever made me feel sickActually, before II've bought the fabric of that kind of bad gym clothes.

After I wear itEspecially after I worked out for a while.My skinWill sweating occur onThen the sewing partThis kind of suture will itch on you.You'll want to keep picking it.It's really annoying.And thenI don't think this fabric is goodBut this has never happened in their family.And the whole design of their sewingIn fact, I think it's very tight like fitness pants.I still want to ask it to optimize my figure a little.For exampleWhen I wear it outsideIt also makes my body look energetic.And make my body look fit.So the design of their sewing place is really super good.That's what makes your legs look very linear.And then it can show that your hips are particularly cocky.

And the new fabric of cloud pantsI think it's better than the previous one.As you can see, the ductility is very good.So in fact, on the one hand, it supportsIt's very suitable for YogaAnd it's soft and waxy.It just feels comfortable.I think it's betterIt will be more suitable when the weather turns coldThe feeling ofYou want to feel warm and protected.And then the other oneIt's a topIn fact, this time I chose a set directly.Because I thought this white coatIt looks good with this pink oneThe white coat is what I always wanted to buy this summer.Because I think it's a good match to wear a white top when exercising.For example, you wear black pantsPants of any colorSo I always wanted toPut in a white coatAnd then they came to me this time.I'm just looking at them. They've got this new white blouse.

This fabricIt's also a kind of cloud fabricBecause I also have their old styleSpring and summer fitness suitJust this kind of coatBy contrastI think this kind of fabric belongs to softer, waxier and softerAnd keep it warmIt's very good to wear as a whole.Actually, I told you about that dress.It's a very good versionAnd then this place on your cuff.There's that thumb set.Keep that cuff from shrinking upIt's not going to get heavier when you're sweating.It's a quick job anyway.In addition to its versionOne of my favorite places isI think it solves a problem.When I'm usually supported by a flat plateYou can seePart of your elbowThis is the placeVery stressfulYou're on that mat.So if your dressIt will rub against your elbow.Or if the dress is roughIt'll make my place feel very painful.But this one solved the problem completely.In fact, all my previous topsI don't think it's a perfect solution.It makes me feel more or less friction.But this one just doesn't feel that way.The other point is that the design above belongs to the shoulder digging design.This is also a feature of Maia's family.It's just to compare the brand of fitness clothesIts design will be betterWill beThe feeling that you can wear outBut if you don't like this shoulder digging design,You can also choose her regular versionAnyway, IEspecially recommendedAnd she's got a lot of discounts.If you want to get startedIf there is such a planI'd like to recommend you to start at this time.And that's the video today.If you like today's videoPlease give me a complimentYou can also follow my microblog and wechat accountAnd instagramBecause I have regular hairIf you haven't followed my channel, you can click below to follow my channel.Then we'll see you in the next videoBye-bye

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